Abilia was a region of central Aels, located to the east of Dumia and west of Iperto.

a nation of Draak Harg and Siggos, there will be later settlements of elves, Kanov, human and demons, it will form a multi-species region.

Abilia was known for being a land of sects, cults, fanatics and heresies; the Abilian where deeply divided and often fighting each others.

There will take refugee Demon worshippers and students of the Arcane, being ruled for long by demonic-cult teocracies.

Abilia was a traditional enemy of Seuconia.

History Edit

Originally Abilia was a Draak Harg and Siggos nation, who was invaded and subjected by the Empire of Whide Axis of the High Elves: While the Abilian armies where defeated and elven population settled in the cities, banning the original religion -a cult of ancestral god-dragons-, Many Draaki Abilians will go to the agrest highlands of the region, to continue an armed resistence and their religion.

By the Age of Invasions, as the elfic world collapsed under the succesive kanov and human invasions, the Abilian Zealots of the Highlands will seize the oportunity to reconquer the lowlands and the cities: however, their success was short lived, as human and Kanov invaders will seize the whole region:

the elven and Draaki cities will be sacked, destroyed or abandoned, leaving nothing but ruins and the population was dispersed: however, slowly, they will gather again around protected temples.

The Elven and Draaki Abilians will later try to oppose the expansion of the Librarian Empire of Dume in the region: due their divisions they couldn't avoid occupation, but the cults, again outlawed, continued in a labor of resistence.

Due the agnostic -and sometimes atheist- Dumian Empire possition, Abilia will come to be as well a refugee to several prosecuted religions and prophets, who hidded in the highlands, preaching in the lowlands, perpetuating the reputation of Abilia as a land of fanatics and zealots.

With the Apparition of Demons, Many Demon Cults will bloom in Abilia, heroding the Dumian imperial authority until the Fall fo Dume:

Afterwards, Abilia will come to be independent again as a multi-species region: the Abilian settlements where indistinctive of race and specie, but where politicaly and religiously fragmented, and this fragmentation weakened Abilia in their ability to resist the invasions of the Unlic Empire of Uslen and later La Cruz, but the demonic cults continued their existence despise the invasions.

After the decline of La Cruz and Uslen after the La Cruz-Uslen wars, Abilia will emerge as a stronger state as Bazrrod demons -erecting themselves as demon-gods- leaded the cults: By the First War of the Power, the Abilian zealots will provide auxiliary forces to the Dark Legion.

After the First War of the Power, there will be a significative prosecution by the Hannian, Grey elven and Dumian of the demonic races in Abilia, pushing the demons to the desert of Iperto, trying to force the conversion of the former demon servers to christianism: However, many of the conversed had done it in only a superficial way, remaining true to the Demon Cults, rising from Abilia several christian heressies that revolted central Aels during the Middle Human Age, heroding the Hannian-Dumian presence in Abilia to the point the Demonic cults will come to be able again to resurface in their true apparence by the 2390s: by the return of the great demon lords that marked the origin of the Second War of the Power, Abilia will join as a member state the Dark legion:

However, after the initial succeses of the Dark Legion, after the catastrophic campaign of Sargos of the 2440 a.a.H, The Hannian, Dumian and Grey elven duchies will wage a holy war against Abilia -supported by volunteers of the Five Kingdoms, conquering -and finally pacifying- Abilia -with some demonic cults surviving, hidding in the highlands-

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