The Age of Invasions was a two-fold era marked by the rise of mankind and demons respectively. The Apparition of Humanity will mark its beginning at the 1 a.a.H, and the Fall of Dume at the 1.676 a.a.H the end of it.

This was the moment when appeared in Aiers Humans, Kanov and Daemoni, who will displace the previously settled peoples, the until then hegemonic elven powers.

It was remembered as the Age of Invasions by the High Elves, who saw their off-Ushaenor Empire of Whide Axis crumble, under successive invasions caused by natural (and unnatural causes), and as well migrations: some of the principal invasions of the Age of Invasions were the Galaw High orc Invasion of Aels, the Antorian Orc invasions in the plains of Antor and Bareds in Zarhuy, the Invasions of the Kanov in Hieyoks and Aels, the Human invasions in Zarhuy, Hieyoks, Aels -and failed, in Ushaenor- and the invasions of the demons.

Age of Invasions Edit

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