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Akordia, the violent Sentry of the Cult of the Flower

Akordia (Negeémiliel, ? - 2428 a.a.H.?)

Also known as: Scarface

Akordia was a Negeémi drow commoner, criminal and later one of the Fanatics of Jabharil and later yet, a sentry of the Cult of the Flower.

She was responsible for the kidnaping of Initiated girls, and due to her actions, the escalation of violence in Negeémiliel.


  • A bully
  • Close friends with a fellow Sentry named Briza
  • Skilled at Intimidation
  • Face is marked by scars across the bridge of her nose
  • A pugilist, not good with blades weapons
  • Cult used her to motivate fanatics for missions
  • Was also used to press commoners into service of the cult
  • Was a bit 'psycho'


Criminal and SentryEdit

Akordia was already a uniformed sentry in the Cult of the Flower when first seen. She was often teamed up with a fellow sentry named "Briza", not to be confused with the Acolyte Briiza Ralochs. Akordia and Briza often operated together, they were presumably veterans of street battles between the two groups of 'fanatics' between the religions of Jabharil and Negeé. Akordia might have been a burglar and street thug before joining the Cult of the Flower, and probably specialized in similar illegal activities to fund the church, and motivate less than inspired members.

Akordia and Briza would be among the first agents of the Cult of the Flower to start attacking the Initiated girls to the State Religion devoted to Negeé. They would perhaps be the first to kidnap initiated girls for ransom and might have killed some of these girls as well. Fortunately, the personalities of the two complemented each other. Briza acted as a restraining and even calming role for the volatile Akordia, perhaps making her more useful by mitigating her propensity for violent or bizarre actions? Some of Akordia's more violent behaviors occurred when Briza was absent. Even so, the duo would be the cultists most responsible for the Cult of the Flower to leave its non-violent, or at least non lethal tenets behind and to escalate the conflict between the Cult of the Flower and the Acolytes.


Akordia and Briza were "sentries' in the Jabharil church, which meant that they wore uniforms and were involved in day to day functions in the visible church, rather than the hidden actions of the 'fanatics' whose actions were disavowed by the church. Usually, to become a sentry, some major achievement, usually a serious crime, must be made for the church of Jabharil. Although Akordia and Briza would have seemed to have joined at an earlier stage.

Akordia and Briza would be seen acting as guards for the High Priestess of Jabharil, Ma'Az.

Maylara MaltreeEdit

During the Maylara Maltree story, Akordia would be seen as responsible for getting new fanatics to wear the scanty Cult of the Flower uniforms, and to be motivated to fulfill their missions. Maylara and some of her new fanatic 'friends' such as Musshy and Chadie from the Jabharil Trio set of drow girls would be outfitted by Akordia and subjected to her tough personality. Akordia would be especially noted for forcing the reticent Musshil Kesalf to wear the topless uniform and to go out on her assignment with the others.

Later on, Akordia would be responsible for beating Initiated Carlae Lo'Kee for being uncooperative, largely because Akordia hated the initiated girls and liked violence, which probably served as a release of anger for her. Akordia and Briza were some of the guards who got drunk due to the encouragement of Maylara Maltree, especially Akordia who became 'falling down' drunk. Later, Akordia and Briza would be some of the guards knocked out by Maylara as she freed the captive Initiated girls. Despite her violent demeanor, Akordia made for a quiet and 'happy' drunk.

Civil WarEdit

During the brief civil war, Akordia acted as a press gang to round up commoners or slaves living unsupervised who had accepted help from the Cult of the Flower, and forced them to fight for the Populists in hopes of overthrowing the government. She may have been part of the group that hung or otherwise killed or beat 'examples' to motivate the new inductees. She and Briza would lead one of the many groups of fanatics and impressed fanatics against the Temple of Doom, which had fallen to the Senatorial forces.

Current StatusEdit

Strong circumstantial evidence points towards Akordia having died in the Populist battle for the Temple of Doom. Possibly defections of impressed commoner fighters and Maylara Maltree herself might have resulted in her death.

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