'Aleks I, also known as Aleks' the Great or Aleks of the Weseuros was the King of the Tranks from 1681 a.a.H, the King of the Gaarmans from 1687, and from  1693 the first emperor of the Weseuros in northwestern Aels. The expanded Trankish state he founded is called the Weseringian Empire.

The oldest son of Aldaric I, King of the Tranks, Aleks I became king in 1681 following the death of his father. He was initially co-ruler with his brother Martman I. Martman's sudden death in 1684 under unexplained circumstances in a hunting accident left Aleks as the undisputed ruler of the Trankish Kingdom. Aleks continued his father's policy towards the Church, protecting it, and as he campaigned against the other weseurian human kingdoms and the non-human lands, christianizing them upon penalty  of death, wich at times lead to events as massacres.   Aleks I reached the height of his power in 1693 when he was crownend emperor by the archbishop Leomedina III on Christmas Day at the fortified cathedral of Karentia. 

Called the "Father of the Weseuros", Aleks united most of the Weseuros for the first time. His rule spurred the Weseurian Renaissance, a period of cultural and intellectual activity within the Church. The monarchies of Sargos, Degoland, Huncle, Tardos and La Cruz considered their kingdoms to be descendants of Aleks's empire.

Aleks I died in 1711, having ruled as emperor for just over eighteen years. His son Sigfried the Brave succeeded him.

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