Prince Alex de Roccasone (Roccasone 2427 - assumed killed 2440) was a member of the ruling royal family of Roccasone before its fall to the Dark Legion of Demons during the opening stages of the Second War of the Power.


Prince Alex was the favorite grandson of King Tibal I and the oldest son of Crown Prince Valerian. As such, he was destined to become king one day himself. However, it was not meant to be. Roccasone would fall in 2440 because of the betrayal of Prince Valerian. During the attack, the entire royal family would be wiped out.

A Prince's Survival?Edit


However ... contrary to the rest of the family, for a while after the fall of Roccasone there seemed to be no agreement of how and where Prince Alex died. Some initially claimed he was killed by Pumori White Fang at the same time as his grandfather King Tibal, at the city's execution square. Others argued that the prince was killed in the palace, pointing at records of a body clad in princely clothes that was found there. Some stated that even if he could have escaped the ambush, he could never have made it alive to the palace and was probably killed in the streets. And finally, there were those who claimed he escaped Pumori's ambush and ran for safety, not to the palace, but to the cathedral where he knew his father and family was, only to be grabbed by the Succubi and sacrificed by his own traitorous father.

And finally, there were those that went even further, claiming the prince wasn't killed at all, but survived the onslaught. All sorts of stories about his true fate were being told in the immediate weeks and months following the fall of Roccasone, and after a while the "legend of Prince Alex" even became a much-told story among the former inhabitants of the city, who used it to keep up their morale under the difficult circumstances under which they had to survive. Laisha tried to quell these rumours, but her efforts were very much counter-productive, as most of her efforts only made the rumours more well-known and wide-spread, and made them appear more plausible. Official Skallgard history stated that he died during the fall of the Roccasone and kept it at that.

Political MachinationsEdit

However, this did not stop certain individuals from trying to use these rumours against Laisha, the ruler of Skallgard. During the hectic days following the Battle of the plains of Sargos, and immediately prior to the Battle of Skallgard, the demon lord Vortigern tried to use the rumour of Alex' survival to oust Laisha as the lawful ruler of Skallgard. However, this plot failed.

Following the failed coup of Vortigern, Pumori confirmed during her funeral speech of the troll Bulbok that she had, in fact, killed Alex during the Sacking of Roccasone, something which was later independently confirmed in private by the 'Rat' Archon (see Rats of Skallgard), a slave who was present in the palaces during the final hours of Roccasone, to Rhonda, one of Laisha's Succubi commanders.

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Alex is a character by Walt-Marsters