Altarin, Emperor of the Elves ( - 2220 a.a.H, Polforia), sometimes known as Altarin the Lost or Altaring the Lost Emperor was a High Elven Emperor of the Empire of Whide Axis from the 2147 a.a.H. to his disappearance in the Battle of Polforia during the First War of the Power, at the 2220 a.a.H. After he disappeared, without the confirmation of his death, the Imperial Throne will remain vacant.

He aimed to reinstitute the Imperial authority in the Whide Axis, he clashed with the Purple Party of the Wizards for the control of the empire, being feared a long delayed civil war between the Purple Party of the Wizards and the White Party, supporters of the Emperor.

The arrival of human refugees from the First War of the Power decided Altarin to get the Empire involved in the war, hoping as well to recreate the former overseas empire of the Whide Axis.

the Emperor of the Elves Altarin will sign the human-High Elven alliance of the Whide Axis in the year 2208 a.a.H. As well, as he prepared for external war, Altarin signed in the city of the wizards of the coast of Dahl'Haran the Purple and White Concordate, in which basically was a call to stop the confrontations and machinations between the Purple and White parties for the duration of the absence of the emperor, who was going to fight in Aels.

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