The Amazons of Death (Pameliën: Amazon de la Mort) were the members of the Princess Guard of Pamelia, being these regiments considered the elite of the Pamelian principality forces.

An all female force, they received this name as they had sworn to hold the line until victory or death, without surrendering.

Historically, they were largelly a force composed of Elfs, Half Elfs and quadroons, with a minority of Humans until the Anglasecuarnian Wars, when human women were conscripted in larger numbers.

History Edit

Origins Edit

Joaquintopian Wars Edit

By the time of the Joaquintopian Wars, the Amazons de la Mort where largely composed of elves, half elves and quadroons, with a minority of humans, being organized as Light Infantry forces of skirmishers, excelling in this role as designated shooters. They were issued a light green uniform, with black and dark green decorations. 

Anglasecuarnian Wars Edit

Pamelian-Ruhenian Wars Edit

Organization Edit

The Princess Guard was considered an independent armed branch, and while part of the armed forces of the Principalty of Pamelia, it had its own independent command structure, organization, administration, recruiting and training centers.

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