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Anutkia, the coastal kingdom of the Demon Lord Anutkahook and a powerful realm of the Dark Legion outside of Polforia. The country was the source of shipping for the Demons, as well as the feared warriors, horsemen, and raiding fleets of the Humans known as Nutks

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Human Nutk Warrior of the Demonic Dark Legion

Anutkia, the land of the Nutks, was a Demonic Realm under the rule of the demon Anutkahook, between the middle human age to The Cataclysm.

Ruled by Anutkahook, who was served by Human Nutks who had the religion of the demons and their ancestral paganism. The land would become known and reviled for the barbaric humans that seized it, and the Bazrrod who ruled it as a god king. The Nutks would become the human mainstay of the 'Demon Worshipper' or 'Demon Server' humans that lived to the east of Aels.



Located in eastern Aels, it was comprised of the grasslands between the Nubla great forest and the shores of the sea of Tok, bordering Kanovait to the north and Enkel to the south.

Maritime AmbitionsEdit

Despite their horseman origins, the Nutks were often effectively hemmed in by their surroundings. Natural barriers and/or tough cultures helped to restrain them through generations. Under their demon lord ruler, Anutkahook, they would take to the sea as pirates, sea-borne raiders and traders.


The Nutk clans of Anutkia Edit

The Nutks were a human nation of the called "demon servers": humans vassals of the demons of the Confederation of Free peoples, and demon worshippers. While the Confederation of Free Peoples -or Dark Legion of Demons- was in origin a coalition of the enemies of humankind, human vassals, slaves, allies, mercenaries, pirates and servants were functional to the dark legion.

The Nutks settled in what will come to be Anutkia there around the XII century after the Apparition of Humanity, being for long an irrelevant people without notoriety: nomadic cattle raisers, hunters and gatherers, with a limited material culture that lived in the prairies along with Sylvan elfs and Flairie elfs; and the K'Nir, Loranor, and Minotaur beastmen.

At first, the arrival of the Nutk shepherds was peaceful, but soon began the conflicts between the indigenous peoples and the new immigrants, and despite they being at a technological disadvantage, due to their numbers and cavalry (of horses and Kazaak mount-dragons riders) they defeated the silvan and flairie elves, seizing control of the lands between the forest of Nubla and the sea of Tok, forcing the Silvan elves and Loranor to the forests of Nubla, the K'Nir and minotaur to the north, and the Flairie elves to the south.

After conquering these lands, that cost so much blood to the Nutks, they didn't needed to keep migrating looking for pastures for their cattle, being founded the first semi-permanent and permanent settlements of the Nutks, having learned from other peoples some rudiments of agriculture.

The Nutks lived then in a relative peace in the prairies of Anutkia -relative, as they always had the swords very close, to repel the occasional attempts of raids of the Silvan elves, the raids of the wild K'Nir packs or of Loranor hunters, and more commonly, to fight between the different Nutk clans and tribes.

Anutkia under Anutkahook: The Dark Realm of Anutkia Edit

Nutk CorruptionEdit

Around the 1.900 a.a.H, during the Dark Age of Demons , the Dark Legion decided that the Nutks, due to their isolation and weak political organization, and due to their simple and credulous nature, were to be coerced into the Dark Legion of Demons.

Because of that, the Dark Legion sent a Bazrrod demon lord along with a Legion: and thanks to showing their power, demonstrating magic, religion, playing on the tribal and clan ancestral hate, building alliances, treasons, assassinations, playing a part in conspiracies and clan and tribal wars, weakening the different factions that could oppose them, soon most of the Nutks were under demonic influence.

Noticing of this, several clans united against the demons in an open war, but their warriors, though very fierce and combative, couldn't prevail against the better organized and equipped forces of the Dark Legion, their defeat becoming an example serving as the best demonstration of power of the Demons of the Dark Legion. Finally, all the Nutk clans became demon servers.

Anutkahook's CapitalEdit

The Bazrrod who was sent to that isolated and distant region of Anutkia was simply called by his servants "Anutkahook" -the demon of Anutkia, as they used the Kanov word to define the demons, as they lacked such a word in their own language.

This demon satrap, helped by his legions, founded a "capitol", a big village surrounded by three walls of palisades, and organized the realm of Anutkia.

Tax on the PeopleEdit

Between the laws of Anutkahook, the Nutks didn't have to pay any tax for their properties or trade, but each Clan leader had to give seven of his sons and daughters to the demons, who took these young Nutks as workers, servants, serfs, cooks and warriors to the distant and isolated lands of Polforia, Morod and Hortann for as long the demons decided -normally this period was around three to five years, but could be as well a whole life-.

This terrible tax forced the Nutks not only to have the seven sons and daughters the demons demanded, but as well more to work their farms and defend their clans from the rival ones:

And so, the Nutk families were very numerous, having the main families several wives and many children since young age, which helped a quick population expansion.

First War of the PowerEdit

In this way, the Nutks fought along the Dark Legion in the First War of the Power (2.203-2.223 a.a.H.), and while the demon lords were defeated and exiled to the interior of Mount Satanmet, the distant Anuktia was forgotten by the Armies of the Empire of Whide Axis, the demon governor, Anutkahook, kept for himself Anutkia and the Nutks.

Intermediary Period and the Demon Lord's Rising AmbitionsEdit

For almost 100 years, Anutkahook kept a low profile, fearing that the Empire of Whide Axis or the human kingdoms noticed him... but as nothing happened, he began to execute his ambitious plans of expansion to build a new demon empire. HIS demon empire. But for this, he needed more servants and something better than some uncultured Nutks, so he gathered the forces of all the clans and his legions, launching a great campaign to the south, to acquire slaves, loot and knowledge.

The Great Nutk RaidEdit

This raid was sent at the 2.422 , when the Great Demon Anutkahook sent his armies in a great raid against the eastern coasts of Aels, taking as a loot everything that wasn't nailed to the ground, destroying everything else and herding countless cattle and slaves.

They sacked Enkel at the 2.423 a.a.H, and kept advancing to the south to the Trading City of Zannas (2.424), sacking the near lands: however, the powerful walls and armies serving the Vanolosé merchant lords, made them change their opinion and turn back to their lands to the north: but as Enkel was already sacked and destroyed, they crossed the mountains of Nohalion, raided Purpurian -until chased away by the Purpurian army- and sacked Provenz (2.426) before returning to Anutkia at the 2.427, after five years.

90.000 warriors left for the raid, and only 60.000 returned, but with countless riches, over 740.000 slaves and much knowledge the Nutks ignored before.

State AdvancesEdit

With this mass of slaves, Anutkahook partitioned them between the Nutk clans to keep them happy and close to his cause, keeping a great part for himself -mostly the artisans, alchemists, officers, magicians, architects, engineers, mathematicians, philosophers...- with them, he built his dark fortress of Anutkian, near his old capitol and the ocean.

Anutkahook fomented then trade and exploration, building the Nutks their first ships -a people who before hadn't had any naval tradition- soon reaching lands of the Vanolosé, K'Hiff archipelago, Enkel, Tok-Thoria and Kanovait, sailing in the sea of Tok.

They opened as well land routes, as before to reach the western kingdoms they had to go around the giant forests of Nubla and Bierteno, so they rebuilt the ancient Road of the Forest -degraded and unusable for hundreds of years-, making it larger and making trading posts, getting in that way a good trade route.

Second War of the PowerEdit

When the demons returned for the Dark legion of Demons in the Second Coming of Darkness, while Anutkahook (like the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria) ignored the call of the Witch King of Dol-Nur for help, they quickly presented themselves as loyal servants of the Dark legion for the Second War of the Power when the Bazrrod demon lords returned.

During this war, Anutkia faced the rising Loranor Kingdom and their allies, fighting the Campaign of the Forests, and after the first phase of the war and with the war being fought in more distant borders, was founded a city on the Island of Kuekker, to project the power of Anutkia to the sea of Tok and the continent of Hieyoks.

The Secession of Anutkia Edit

The power of Anutkahook continue to grow, and as well their presence in the northern Tok sea, competing with Tok-Thoria.

By the 2483 a.a.H, the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria secessionated from the Dark Legion of Demons: before, any rebellion against the great demon lords had been swiftly, quickly and violently dealt, but the Dark legion was unnable to crush the rebellion of the powerful Nigromante, and in part the Dark Legions used to try to supress the rebellion where Anutkian legions.

Following the example of the Nigromante, and seing his own legions had been the ones used to try to force Tok-Thoria back to the Legion, Anutkahook, will proclaim the secession of Anutkia from the Dark Legion at the 2493 a.a.H: with this will begin the Anutkianhook war, between the separatist Anutkia and the rest of the Dark Legion: However this time, to try to stop a domino effect and more demonic states seceding, an army of the Dark Legion will march against Anutkia -and army largelly compressed as well of Kanov allies of the Kanov Confederation.

They will siege Anutkian at the 2494, conquering the capitol of Anutkahook, and at the 2495 they will began the siege of Kuekker: However, the island-city, controlling the seas, wasn't ever cut off: After 3 years of siege, at the 2497 a.a.H, the Dark Legion will abandone the siege of Kuekker, finishing the Anutkianhook wars.

The Anutkian Overseas Empire Edit

As a result of the Anutkian Succession War or Anutkianhook wars, it was considered by Anutkahook that an expansion in Aels was too difficult to do, and it could spark further conflicts with the Dark Legion: as well, his independent state could survive thanks to the hegemony in the sea, so he looked for expansion overseas, to found his own demonic Empire, founding at the 2504 a.a.H th Anutkian Empire of Ultramar: this will be the general name given to the anutkian states established after the Anutkianhook wars in Hieyoks and as far -and briefly- in northwestern Ushaenor, participating in the War of the Lost Cities.

The War of the Four Black Kings Edit

At the 2535 a.a.H, the great demon lord Satman the Apprentice tried to do a Coup d'etat against Sataan, Lord of the Demons, but he failed and was banished, becoming "Satman the Fallen": this will be the beginning of the War of the Four Black Kings in the 2536-2538 a.a.H, for the succession of Satman:

The Witch King of Dol'Nur, the Dark Elf king of Zaghäl and as well the two independent demonic wanted to seize the opportunity: the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria and Anutkahook.

As a result of this demon civil war, Anutkahook will become the new Apprentice, second in command of the Confederation of Free Peoples.

Having achieved this role, will mkean the return to the Dark legion of Anutkia, but as well that he abandoned his overseas imperial ambitions of Anutkia, centering again in a continental policy in Aels.

While he still used Anutkia as an economic asset, his power base will be displaced to Polforia.

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