The Dark Fortress of Anutkian was a demonic city built by the Bazrrod demon prince Anutkahook in Anutkia.

For long only a fortified camp -seven concentric wooden palisades, where was concentrated the Blood Tax of the Nutks-, after the great Nutk raids of the 2422 a.a.H., the wooden fort will be rebuilt by enslaved workforce into a fortress, beginning to be built at the 2428 a.a.H.

Built in the plains of Anutkia, near the sea, the fortress was formed of seven concentric rings of fortifications: however, the main tower will be only built after the return of the Demon Lords, being designed and built by Count Halthus the Architect, the great builder of the Dark Legion.

By the Siege of Anutkian of the 2438 a.a.H, the main tower and inner rings wasn't still finished, but the fortress was still formidable enough to withstand the siege.

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