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A loranor - elf Half Elf watching iron beasts of the humans cross the sky in the First Century a.a.H. Art by

The Apparition of Humanity was an age of Aiers history that lasted from 1 to 1.678 a.a.h. The beginning marked the end of the High elves' golden Age, and a nearly complete descent into chaos for most of the cultures of the planet. A world that was beginning to be united for good or ill under the High elves of the Empire of Whide Axis would find that global order would begin to shatter with the appearance of humans, however, the collapse was much drawn out over a longer period of time.

Humans the Sky PeopleEdit

Humanity seemingly appeared from nowhere, and the tales said that they were born from the stars above; with all their incredible magic and beasts of iron that no one knew, the initial expansion of humans was incredible, but about the 100 a.a.H, all that magnificent civilization falls suddenly in flashes of light and fire that burned the land, and the humans scattered, leaving behind their ruins and magical items and vehicles, now useless. Only 120 years later, a human nation will rise –Ighipus- again from the ashes, as with the collapse of their previous civilization the humans fell back almost to the Stone Age.

Ongoing Global CalamitiesEdit

Meanwhile, some fifty years following the arrival of the humans, a long series of calamities afflicted the world, for about seventy years until ca. 120 a.a.H. In this Age of Calamities, Earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis would strike again and again. Much maritime trade and culture was brought to a standstill, and the cities that stood near the shores or geologically active places of the planet were commonly destroyed in waves or flame. The Empire of Whide Axis which was about to investigate the humans in detail during the First Century was instead reeling. Its ability to send ships almost paralyzed as its proud colonies world wide often suffered, withered and died as they were often near shores and reliant on trade, but found themselves shook, inundated, and almost certainly cut off from regular maritime trade for several decades.

An Age of Migrants and InvasionsEdit

The onset of seemingly natural disasters was bad enough for the high elves and all the peoples of Aiers, but for many civilizations, the problem was compounded by the desperate migrants that moved throughout the world in the Second Century. It began when the Galaw orcs migrated to Aels the 120 a.a.H., beginning the Age of Invasions, which will continue with other Orcs, Beast People and Kanov invasions all across Aels and Zarhuy, pushed by the migrations of humans as well, as humanity began to expand again the 400 a.a.H., and the many and varied intercontinental kingdoms and colonies from the High Elf Empire of Whide Axis must repel the successive waves of invasions, falling many of these kingdoms and colonies.

A More Humble Human RiseEdit

The foundation of the human city of Dume (447 a.a.H.) and the losses will mark the end of the Elf Age of Hegemony by 500 a.a.H.

The rest of the violent age will see the rise and fall of numerous empires and kingdoms, like Ighipus, Binese, Cargass, Farsia, Uslen, Hebonnor, Galaradaan, Vakkusta, but Dume will have a vital importance, becoming a dominant Empire in the area of the Sea of Caritz until the year 1173 a.a.H.


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