Expedition to the temple by shabazik-d70uag3

Non-humans sometimes eagerly looked for their pasts through archaeology. Here, a Drow researcher named Lina Mereen has unearthed a temple of her ancestors in the ruined city of Ched'Hihrin

Archaeology, or archeology, is the study of sentient peoples activity in the past, primarily through the recovery and analysis of the material culture and environmental data that has been left behind by past peoples populations, which includes artifacts, architecture, biofacts (also known as eco-facts) and cultural landscapes (the archaeological record). Because archaeology employs a wide range of different procedures, it can be considered to be both a social science and a natural one focused in the sentient aierian species.

In Aiers, for long there was a separation between the Human Archeology, focused in studies of human prehistory, and the archeologies of non-humans, for long disregarded by the humans looking for their past.

Despite the focus in one or other of the peoples of Aiers -and later, in other Otsarian peoples- archeology studies prehistory and history from the development of the first stone tools up until recent decades -as it does not include the discipline of paleontology-

It is of most importance for learning about prehistoric societies, when there are no written records for historians to study, making up most of Aierian history, from the Paleolithic until the advent of literacy in any given society. Archaeology has various goals, which range from studying aierian peoples evolution to cultural evolution and understanding culture history.

The discipline involves surveying, excavation and eventually analysis of data collected to learn more about the past. In broad scope, archaeology relies on cross-disciplinary research. It draws upon anthropology, history, art history, classics, ethnology, geography, geology, linguistics, semionology, physics, information sciences, chemistry, statistics, paleoecology, paleontology, paleozology, paleoethnobotany and paleobotany.

Archaeology developed out from two origins: elven (light and dark) archeology, developed as early as during the Late Elfic Age, and the later aelian human antiquarianism of the 3000's, and since then it had become a discipline practiced across Aiers, and later, the Nebulosa of Ots

Since its early development, various specific sub-disciplines of archeology have developed, including maritime archeology, elven archeology, gender archeology and archaeoastronomy, and numerous different scientific techniques have been developed to aid archaeological investigation. Nonetheless, today, archaeologists face many problems, such as dealing with pseudoarcheology, the looting of artifacts, a lack of public interest, and opposition to the excavation of peoples' remains.

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