Argos XIII The Crazy (? - 1757 Royal Palace, Valknyria) was the last human king of the early kingdom of Valknyria between the 1746 and 1757 a.a.H.



He overthrew the old institutions that granted equal representation to elves and humans in the realm, ruling alone in the throne without council.


He declared then as only accepted religion the Valknyrian religion, but changing it as he declared himself the supreme god, changing the nature of the aspects to demons of the Dark Legion.  Then, he began to pursuit "heretics and pagans", everybody who didn't followed his visions, torturing and executing them in terrible manners, sacrificing them in the honor of their god -himself-. He prosecuted specifically Jews and Christians.

Invasion of LiohnEdit

After that, Argos XIII decided to invade and try to conquer the island of Liohn of the north, massing the armies and navies of Valknyria for the invasion:

While his armies persecuted the ones who didn't worship the demons in Valknyria, and persecuted and killed elves in Novaliohn, a rebellion begun:


At the 1.757 a.a.H, Argos XIII the Crazy, sieged in his Palace, started himself a fire that consumed him, the whole royal family, the court, his followers and the nobles. That was the end of the first Kingdom of Valknyria.

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