Kanov barbarian of barlans Arraseos tribe El Yemo by shabazik-d5vhrg1

Kanov Barbarian warrior of the Barlans, of the tribe of the Arraseos

The Arraseos, as the other nomad and polytheist kanov tribes of El Yermo, the steppes of central Aels, were enemies of the Empire of Vakkusta, a Kanov theocratic and sedentary empire, built around a syncretic monotheistic religion, the Vakkism.

Allies of the Dark Legion of DemonsEdit

During the Age of Invasions, the Dark Legion of Demons allied themselves with the tribes, unifying them to fight together against their common enemies: the Vakkusta Empire, and once it fell, the Northern Dumian Empire.


Both the Barlani Arraseos barbarians and the Vakkusta, were Oxires Kanovs.

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