The Battle of Degoland -or alternatively, Battle for Degoland or the Battle of the ÿpper- was the first battle of the Campaign of the Five Kingdoms of the Dark Legion of Demons at the 2203, at the beginning of the First War of the Power, between the Kingdom of Degoland and the armies of the Dark Legion of Demons.

It was a decisive defeat of Degoland, who fell under demonic rule.

Background Edit

For long, the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest had been fighting their petty wars during the Five Warring Kingdoms period, ignoring the gathering of the forces by the Dark Legion of Demons beyond the mountains of Dargoina, in Polforia.

While some scholars and the church warned about an incoming war between the Powers, these warnings where largelly unheard off, and when the Dark Legion crossed Dargoina into Degoland, it caught them largelly unprepared, with most of their forces in their western borders along the Osorio, for a possible war against Sargos.

The Dark Legion easily crossed the Degoland Pass, with little opposition and no delays, quickly their forces spreading and sacking and attacking the Degolandic countryside and main cities.

The Battle Edit

The Degolandic King hurried to gather his forces, and unaware of the extension of the invasion -thinking was a larger scale raid than any before, rather than a proper invasion-, he went to face the Dark Legion in the ÿpper valley.

The human defeat was complete, and as the ranks of the army broke up and disbanded, much of the survivors where hunted down by the ozcuras skirmishers of the Dark Legion.

Aftermath Edit

The defeat of Degoland in this battle, so early in the war, will mean that the kingdom will remain occupied by the Dark Legion for most of the war, almost 20 years.

After the initial wave of destruction caused by the Dark Legion and looting, Degoland was handed over to the Dragon-god Barûm, becoming part of the Brûm empire, being set the occupation of Degoland -and a re-normalization of the life-, with the incorporation of the Cult of Demons and to the Dragon-god, building infraestructure for the dragonic-demonic empire.

While resistance movements will spark -along with some revolts resisting the blood tax-, many humans lived peacefully under demonic rule, vowing to their demonic masters: only later in the war, when was turning the wave, resistence movements will increase in magnitude: however it won't be until the Battle of Polforia, when the occupation forces and administration retreated from Degoland.

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