The Battle of Duan Mountain was a legendary battle between the forces of Bi under Wei Zheng against the combined armies of other states of eastern Hieyoks, resulting in a Bi victory which created the cirucmstances for the elevation of Wei Zheng to create the later Binese Empire.

According to the Records of the Grand Librarian and the Annals of the Crane, the forces of Bi crushed the combined armies of the other states, with a death toll of some 450,000 men on the allied side, and 150,000 men of Bi, being suggested that the forces that clashed on the Duan mountain where up to millions of men, however modern historian dispute these accounts, stating that at most the Bi could have mustered some 40,000 - 80,000 men, while their enemies some 80,000 - 120,000: however, it's accepted that they enemies of the Bi suffered a crushing defeat.

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