The Battle of Kolderspontik-week was a battle between the Enkel tribes and clans -Kanovs, humans, elves, dwarves and orcs- against the Hattak at 1889 a.a.H

The Hattak, who had left the dungeons of the Unholy Mountain of Hortann at the 1886, settled in the north, on the shadows of Hortann, in lands of the Enkish clans.

These skirmishes and engagements and the increasing danger they possed against the dispair clans, tribes and petty kingdoms of the Enkish will result in a whide Enkel alliance to fight the Hattak invasors.

The Hattak will be defeated in Kolderspontik-Week, and will be pushed further to the north, settling in the regions that later will be known as Hattak and Faunekash.

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