The Battle of Korrazinhae was a legendary neolithic battle during the Wollumis-K'Nir War, fought around the 18.750 - 18.250 b.a.H, between the Wollumis and Neroz dark elves against K'Nir packs and harpies in Polforia.

Being a battle fought before any writing system, it was remembered by legends and oral tradition by the dark elves and later incorporated in the written accounts of the Empire of Drow: the Drows will identify the location where the battle was fought and build a temple to the heroes and conmemorating the victory. Later archeological remains confirmed that there was fought a battle in the neolithic, being therefore the first confirmed battleground in the history of Aiers.

The Battle of Korrazinhae, according to early dark elven legends, was the crucial moment when the dark elves where able to defeat for first time the beast-men in Polforia: until that point in prehistory, always the beast men, having natural adventages, where the appex predators and dominated Aiers:

While truly this wouldn't be a turning point -elves, dwarves and other non-beastmen only changed the tides with the bronze-, indeed archeological records showed that around that point, the great K'Nir bands that until then roamed Polforia will migrate eastwards.

From the found archeological remains, it was indeed a large scale battle, something unseen elsewhere in the Neolithic: Wollumis and Drow legends spoke of hundreds of thousands of warriors, but that's disregarded. Some archeologists hipotezed that the battle maybe was between two thousand warriors of both sides: considering the population of neolithic Polforia and that such scale of battles wouldn't be seen again in millenia, it's understandable why it marked so profoundly the dark elves.

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