The Battle of Soborodoy was a battle fought in the Robgorov-Kleineng border during the Kleineng War at the 3129 a.a.H, being a victory for the Principalty of Robgorov

The Battle of Sovodoroy, fought at the 3129 a.a.H, was one of the opening moves of the final campaign of the Kleineng War.

While in the south, the advance over northern Bina was stopped at the Yuatse river, in Jamon the rebellion of the traditional military class –as well allied with the Kleineng warlords, if not often direct familiars- was as well meeting defeat, the Principalty of Robgorov entering in the war in the north, meant a new front for the Kleineng.

 Robgorov was a trutsian principalty, vassal of the Trutsian empire, having been founded around a trading city in east Hieyoks at the 2845 a.a.H: and while the Trutsian Empire remained neutral in the Kleineng War –to avoid tensions for zones of influence with other Aelian powers- they supported their vassal.

 The Principalty of Robgorov raised a 22.000 strong army, and as they declared the war to Kleineng, as they marched to the south, to the territories controlled by the Kleineng warlords. However, due several problems of organization and logistics, the advance of the Robgorovian army was very slow.

 For this campaign, the Kleineng gathered their forces in continental Hieyoks –around some 60.000 men-, and quickly marched to the north, to Robgorov, to avoid to fight in their own territory.

 Finally both armies will meet in the plains of Sovodoroy, and will begin a battle that will last for seven days, being very bloody: finally, the Kleineng will be forced to retreat, with the Robgorov army slowly following them.

Several other battles will be fought between Kleineng and Robgorov, being the Robgorovian advance rather slow as they laid siege to each walled city, being one of the reasons why the war ended sooner, the rebellion of the ethnic binese population of Kleineng against the jamonese ruling minority.

Defeated on all fronts, Kleineng will be defeated at the 3130 a.a.H and will disappear as an independent state for more than a century.

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