The Battle of the walled city of Sozhon fought at the 3128 a.a.H during the Kleineng War in Sozhon, Klauseng was a battle fought between an invading Kleineng army and the Klauseng Red Banners Army, which ended in the Klauseng defeat and the fall of the walled city of Sozhon.

The Red Banners of Klauseng was a modernized unit of the Klauseng New Army commanded by foreigner aelian officers hired by the Klauseng government, being in Shozhon a 600 men strong Klauseng Red Banner regiment –along with some 200 to 300 irregulars-, facing against a 12.000 strong army of the Kleining.

 The aelian officers, hired by the government of Klauseng, rather than defend the walled city, trusting their artillery and firepower, tried to do an offensive movement and defeat the Kleineng before the walls of Sozhon, remembering maybe their own previous campaigns against the binese, where small, modernized colonial aelian army units defeated larger binese armies with technological adventage, discipline and firepower.

 While in the first skirmishes against the advanced units of the Kleineng where successful, this strategy will proof catastrophic to the Red Banner regiment, who where flanked by the Kleineng, forcing them to retreat, abandoning an artillery battery and much equipment: equipment that will be used by the Kleineng in the siege of Sozhon, city which fell in one night, as the aelian hired officers deserted it, soon followed by their men.