The Battle of the Abyss of Dhermon Hel was the fourth and last of the major battles fought during the Kanovhook wars -after the battles Morod (1721), the Burned Fields (1749) and of the Ash (1767)- at the 1855 a.a.H. It was the largest battle during the war.

It ended in a decisive Kanov defeat, the dissolution of the Kanov Confederation of Polforia, and in the next decade and half one after other all the Kanov lands in Polforia will fall under demonic rule.

Background Edit

Since 1711, the Kanov of Polforia and the Dark Legion of Demons were fighting the Kanovhook wars.

By the second half of the decade of 1840, the kanov tribes and states of Polforia had time, thanks to the truces, to regain their numbers, strength and forces, and was growing again a strong sentiment against the demons.

Gaûrgmar the Black, king of the Rumnelios, exploited this, and was able to gather in a large Kanov confederation the Nurandian, Kordor, Konolardos, Rumnelios, Grëdker and Kanovait. The demons knew about these movements and prepared for war, but when the kanov of the occupied territories rebelled -specially the Polforian rebellion-at the 1852, they were forced to deal with the rebellions, and the kanov armies easily advanced over the demonic held lands.

The Battle Edit

While in the previous century the experience of large scale battles had proved to be catastrophic to the Kanovs, as there demons could use fully the potential of their Bazrrod demon lords, great demons and allied dragons, the victories in smaller scale battles and skirmishes in the wars of Kordor and Nurandia had given again confidence to the Kanovs to gather their armies and face in a decisive battle the demons.

Sure of their numbers, with a number of allied kanov nations that hadn't been seen before, Gaûrgmar unleashed the forces of his Confederation against the territories under demonic rule.

The kanovs advanced from several directions to Dol-Nurr, defeating and forcing to retreat the dark legion forces to their capital lands, until finally at the 1855 a.a.H, at the battle of the Abyss of Dhermon Hel, the army of Gaûmar the Black -according of the demon chronists, of over two millions of Kanovs, number considered an exaggeration by actual chronists, who speak of even only a 10% of that force- faced the armies of the Dark legion.

The battle was fierce and bloody, but ended in a major kanov defeat: the Bazrrod lords, their more powerful demon lieautenants and their dragons allies crushed the Kanov center, attacking Gaûgmar and his guard, who fiercely defended themselves and their kings.

However, this advance into the Kanov center, while succesfully taking the kanov leadership -who couldn't continue to lead the battle, but was forced to fight for his own life-, was too reckless and left the demonic center in risk of being encircled, as the kanovs warriors of the flanks converged, having rejected the demonic right flank and holding the left.

However, as news spread that Gaûgmar dead in the battlefield, the reformation of the demonic right flank and the demons in the center holding their ground against the kanov counterattacks, the Kanov confederation began to fell appart.

while the battle continued during the night in the middle of the confusion, the next dawn had the Kanov forces fighting in several forces, broken and dispersed, but still resisting.

Without the command of Gaûrgmar, the kanov high kings and chieftaisn were unorganized and fought only in their own fronts, withour coordinating all the remnants of their forces, while the demons reorganized their forces, and while using skirmishers and lighter forces to keep in check all the main Kanov forces, they massed most of their forces to strike at the more important enemy formations, defeating them in succession.

By the second night of the battle, desertions increased among the exhausted kanovs -with the whole remaining contingents of the Kordor and Grëdker.-, before the demons encircled their forces.

At the dawn of the third day, there where many holdouts of Kanovs preparing to do their last stands, but they where dispersed all over the front: in other parts, using the morning fog, important numbers of Kanov tried to retreat fighting, to force their way across the Dark Legions.

the fall of the High King of the Kanovait, last king presented in the battle at an unnaturaly grey midday at the edge of the Abyss of Dhermon Hel will mark the end of the Kanov resistence, with the disbanding of the remaining kanovs, hunted down by the Dark Legion Skirmishers.

Aftermath Edit

The defeat was crushing to the Kanov: it was said, for every five warriors that marched with Gaûgmar the Black against Dol-Nur, only one make it back home.

The Dark Legion, to face the large Kanov Confederaton of the Black, had to scrap up to the last avaible reinforcements, and once more time -unseen since the Battle of the Fields of Morod- the Bazrrod demon lords had to concentrate their forces, to bring what would be a crippling strike to the Kanov Confederation:

However, their losses where large and again, this opportunity was used in the aftermath by ambitious bazrrod demon lords to restructure the political landscape of the Dark Legion: not only the casualties between the demons was high, but along their servants.

The Kanov opposition was crushed, but the Dark Legion wasn't in shape for a quick, swift take over of the practically defendless kanov lands.

Between 1855 to 1869 a.a.H, one after one, the remnant kanov lands fell to the Dark Legion, being the end of the war the Treaty of Nurandia, signed at the 1.869 a.a.H, which concluded after over a century and half of war, with the demons as masters of Polforia and the kanovs as vassals, members of the Dark Legion.

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