The Battle of the Burned Fields was a major battle during the Kanovhook wars at the 1749 a.a.H, in Iztah, Polforia.

Due to the Dark Legion's advances over Iztah, the Polforian Kanov king Rasbärd Longbeard made an alliance with the Kordor and Nurandian tribes: the kanov army, over 200,000 warriors strong, will be facing the forces of the black banner of the demons in Izath.

The Dark Legion, that had formed an alliance with the Black dragons of Brûm, had a numerically inferior army -about 40,000 dark legionnaires-: however, the use of Dragons and elemental fire Izrhims (Soul Shard fire demons) will turn the fields of Iztah in a blazing fire, where most of the Kanov army will be routed and burned to ashes:

because of this, the battle will be known as the Battle of the Burned Fields.

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