The Battle of the Hundred Lakes (Nortender, 2440 a.a.H)

The Battle of the Hundred Lakes was the culmination of a brilliant series of actions by the Order of Nortender in fending off an invasion by the Dark Legion of Demons, in at attempt to crush the Order, and to send legions over to the west of Aels by pushing through Nortender, the Dwarf territory of Helmed, and Navatiak. The Battle of the Hundred Lakes was decisive in frustrating these ambitions.

Events Leading Up to the BattleEdit

Battle of SkollbärEdit

Due to an unwise offensive by a company of the Order of Nortender to confront the invasion of the Dark Legion, the offensive was halted and had to withdraw in the impromptu Battle of Skollbär. Fortunately, the Order was able to withdraw bloodied but more or less intact.

Battles of Lake VollwärEdit

The Commander of the invading forces sought to encircle and crush the Order of Nortender. To this end, the army was divided into three and separated to get into positions to carry out the prospective encirclement. Instead, the Order's commanders saw this as an opportunity to pick off the three components of the Dark Legion army individually.

By the banks of Lake Vollwär one division was confronted and essentially annihilated by the army of the Order, the heavy cavalry and heavy infantry and the superior training more than the less trained and lighter armed and armored troops could stand against, pinned against the water's edge, and cut off from reinforcements.

A second battle occurred as one of the remaining divisions rushed at all speed to save the first division and unexpectedly being confronted by the Order of Nortender who had pushed hard to smash into this second division. The knights rode over the foremost Dark Legion soldiers and the order of the Dark Legion army was destroyed in the battle. Many of the Dark Legion soldiers did escape this second battle, however. The Order of Nortender being too tired and heavy armored to overtake the majority of the light troops.

The Battle of the Hundred LakesEdit

Before BattleEdit

In theory, the remaining Dark Legion column ought to have been better prepared, and being larger and fortified by escapees. However, the survivors fleeing to the remaining column and the time passing actually had the reverse effect, the column became certain that the human army was much larger than it really was due to its crushing successes. Large numbers of the column would desert and the troops were wracked with poor morale.

The BattleEdit

In the follow up Battle of the Hundred Lakes, the Order of Nortender again attacked aggressively. The Dark Legion was set in position but was unable to hold fast against the heavy troops and cavalry. The Order of Nortender pushed the Dark Legion across its entire front, eventually ejecting it from Nortender, even advancing into territory of the Dark Legion: However, further progress was hampered by the arrival of Dark Legion reinforcements, menacing the Nortender Order flank.


This triple victory would be decisive in that the Dark Legion would give up any hope of a quick victory and quest to attack Huncle and the other Five Kingdoms of the Northwest from the north. Although the increase in morale would be precious to the Order, as the demons would long besiege their fortifications for months.

Withdrawal of the OrderEdit

Because of the threat of skirmishers to their flanks, low supplies and exhaustion, the Order of Nortender retreated back to their castles, as the new armies of the Dark Legion massed: After the three successive defeats, the commanders of the Dark Legion will be more careful, and instead will slowly advance, laying siege on one of the castles of the Order after the other, while the Order tried to send relief forces to break the sieges:

The war in the north had largely stagnated, and as the armies of the Dark Legion were marching into Sargos and was lost hope for a quick victory against Nortender, Satman ordered his northern armies to keep the line, awaiting for reinforcements after the Sargonic defeat.

Breaking of the SiegesEdit

However, with the catastrophic defeat of the Battle of the plains of Sargos for the Dark Legion, news reached the northern armies of the demons: a heavy blow for the morale, large forces will desert and many of the sieges will be lifted as some whole legions broke ranks, abandoning some of the captured castles.

Reversal of Dark Legion ConquestsEdit

The Order of Nortender, supported by warriors of the kingdom of Navatiak and the Dwarven Mines of Helmed will advance, reconquering the territory lost in earlier stages of the war:

As well, with the news of the defeat of the demons in the Sargonic Plains, there will be rebellions among tribes of Amazons under Dark Legion rule, which will be supported by Nortender.

Place in HistoryEdit

The Northern Campaign tends to get forgotten in history relative to the central actions in Sargos and the supernatural and often divinely attributed 'Miracle' of the Battle of the plains of Sargos.

Also, despite the powerful victory, the Order of Nortender was still obliged to hold their positions defensively as the sheer mass of Dark Legion reinforcements made an invasion of Nortender and sieges inevitable. With the aid of Navatiak and Helmed Dwarf soldiers made it possible for the majority of the Order's castles and fortifications to hold out for months.

The Order of Nortender still remained intact by the time the word of the Miracle in Sargos was revealed and the Dark Legion withdrew. The Order was able to get back into battle against the depleted and demoralized Dark Legion when the also devastated armies of the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest were unable to get past the newly reformed city of Skallgard and enter Polforia.

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