Beast People

Beast people from aiers by shabazik-d4h37sh

The Beast People of Aiers. Not all of these are real creatures

The "Beast People" are those peoples of Aiers IV that have natural, animal characteristics relative to those with a humanoid form.

Creatures that are, or are not, classified as "Beast People"Edit

Those creatures that have an aspect of a demon shard used in their creation and possess an inherent magic such as in some of the demon servitors, including the Hattak fauns and the Werewolf peoples, are not considered to be "Beast People" as instead they are considered to be minor "demons" as they possess an aspect of the demon soul. They also have a mana aura about them, much like elves naturally possess.

Yet, conversely, the Uniox is a well known servitor of demons, and were created by demons using sorcery and breeding, but the demon soul-shards were not used in their creation, so they are considered beast people. The Minotaur people also have a history of serving demons as shock troops, but seem to have existed before the coming of demons as a natural race.

The "Draak" people are not considered as "Beast People". and instead, are considered "dragon-people" in the dragon group.

Also, the "Merfolk" are considered to be mythological, and do not actually exist. Those water folk that do exist may be more properly considered to be in the "Draak" group.

All species of the Loranor cat people, Cannes dog people, Centaurs, the Car'Harid flyers are believed to exist. Some of the Mamini species are not definitively established as to if they exist or not. Of these, the aforementioned Minotaur and Uniox species do exist.

The Rinohk and Gorilay beast people have been ruled as being mythological to the world or Aiers.

Beast People AgingEdit

Beast People lives around 40 years, but depend of different beast people.

As a rule of thumb, the beast people age like this:

  • A Beast-boy of 6,6 years old it's in bio-human years 10.
  • A Beast-"teen" of 10 years is in biological age, equivalent of a 15 years old human.
  • A Beast-young-man of 12 years is in human bio-age, 18.
  • A beast-man 15 years old, would be in bio-human years 22,5
  • A Beast-elder of 40 years is equivalent in bio-human age to a 60 year old person.

List of Groups and Species of Beast PeopleEdit











Mermaid (Mythological)Edit

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