Elf Blood elf warrior

A chariot driver Blood elf warrior from Daiman'Yar.

B L U T E L F, Sanguis elvii

Race: Blood elf 

Class: Light Elf 

Specie: Elf  

Other names: Wicked Elf, Damned Elf, Possesed Elf, Demon Elf, Demon Spawn, demon slaves, Höllen, The Dave Daughters/Sons.  

Allegiance: Dark Legion of Demons

Blood elvesEdit

The Blutelf are a race of Rossnes light elves who lived in northeastern Aels.  

The Origin of the Blood elves its from the rossnes elves-High, silvan,snow, grey and Mountain elves- that inhabited in the regions of Polforia, Brûm, Hieyokscream, Ded, Mondwargh, Entartea, Zaghäl, Kanovait, Stäparia, K'Hiff, Nutkia and Nkel:  

The only thing that really make them into a single group, its the fact that they were conquered by the Dark Legion of Demons, and became their servants.  

The rossnes elves from these territories, some lived there since prehistory-as the silvan and mountain elves for example-, or that settled here during the High Elf imperialism in their phase of expansion-High elves-. 

These elves endured, since the Age of Invasions, a series of invasions: first from the Galaw High orcs from the north, and then, from the Kanovs and later humans:  

From the occupation of elven territories, will surge first the so-called Grey elfs: elves who lived under human or kanov domination.  

However, later, during the Dark Age of Demons, and their expansion in Polforia and northeastern Aels, the rossnes elves of these territories, already either weakened by the previous invasions, or being undereither Kanov or human hegemony, were conquered by the demons of the Dark Legion.  

At first, the elves where hunted down by the demons and the dark legion, or exiled and forcing them to escape, being example of this the unholy wars of the Dragongod of Brûm against the elves, because ingreat part of their capability of manipulating maná-magic-. 

However, once the Kanovhook wars ended-wars between the demons and Kanovs in Polforia-, the Dark Legion of Demons changed their attitude toward the elves, incorporating theminto the Dark Legion: From being a danger to the demons; the maná manipulation abilities of the elves became a tool for their goals.  

The Blood elves where called like that because they were under the service of the Demons, and mostly for the ones who adopted as religion the adoration of the demons. 

However, there were many differences, between captured slaves, servants and blood elves from elven vassal states, as the Witches of the forests of Ded or Daiman'Yar.  

In the Dark Legion, the blood elves weren't as numerous as other servants of the Demons, but played a fundamental part of the courts and Legions of the Bazrrods (great Demon lords), Nigromantes, Vampires and Lycanthropes, due the natural elf affinity to magic, being acolytes, priests, sorceress, witches, and magicians. As well, as slaves of the Dark Legion, they became soldiers, assassins, courtesans, witches and warlocks andt the more basic slave duties. 

It is said, there existed often half elfs, with some demon blood in their veins. 

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