The Company of the Bloodsnakes, was a free company of mercenaries, founded by a renegade christian knight -Rogel du Reivelin- during the mid of the XXIV century in Polforia.

Du Reivelin recruited soldiers left unemployed after the Treaty of Rumnelia between the demonic remnant states of Dbejor and Entartea: with the destruction of his homeland, he had little to fight for in Polforia and hiring a mix of Kanovs of Kanovait and Polforia, Kdaimon and Outregam humans, ozcuras orc  tribes and green orc clans, he will offer the services of his company to the Unlic Emperor of Uslen, who was facing external and internal enemies.

Once in southern Aels, impressed by the heavy, disciplined infantry of the guard of the emperor, Du Reivelin will focus the company to be Heavy Infantry. 

The Company of the Bloodsnakes will make a name for itself during the wars in Dumia, Purpurian, the Vanolosé trading cities and the Unlic Empire of Uslen, being specialists as heavy infantry: they will come to be known as an excelent anti-cavalry unit, defeating the Hannian knights in the battle of Nodimia at the 2362 and the Purpurian cavalry -who priced itself as one of the best cavalries of Aels- at the 2374 a.a.H.-

Not only victorious in the battlefield, Du Reivelin used them to have political leverage within the Unlic Empire, becoming a Unlic Duke and participating in the conspirations behind the Imperial throne:

Because of this, Du Reivelin will be murdered by supporters of the Unlic Emperor by the 2378, and while his officers sweared vengeance, the company fell into disarray, having lost many of it's contacts and main contractor -the Emperor-, the company was greatly reduced and in risk of dissapearing: but the independence of the Vanolosé City-state of Zannas at the 2380, desperarted for mercenaries to oppose to the Imperial armies, will mean the revival of the company.

Hired by the Vanolosé of Zannas, they will take an important role during the Zannas indenpendence war -and the following wars when several regions of the Unlic Empire proclaimed their independence, during the 2385-2391 a.a.H.

With the end of the wars in what had been eastern Uslen, the revitalized company returned to Dumia, in the wars between the Hannian and the Grey elven duchies of Dol'Sorne and the dumian city states for the next decade, before returning again by the 2400s to Zannas, to the wars between the Zannas vanolosé traders and the tokerí pirates -secretly supported by the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria-.

Further participating in the wars of Enkel and Purpurian, many times returning to serve the Vanolosé of Zannas: they will oppose the invasion of Anutkahook of the 2424 a.a.H, when the mercenary armies of Zannas succesfully repealed the siege thanks to their powerful walls: however by the 2428 a.a.H, after an earthquake that destroyed the walls and the city, the mercenaries of Zannas were defeated by the invasion of the Gorbegean kanov barbarians -the Bloodsnakes included- and Zannas will be destroyed, lossing the Bloodsnakes their principal contractor for the last fifty years.

The company, greatly reduced in numbers will continue to fight in the wars of Enkel and Purpurian -much less lucrative wars than serving under the Vanolosé-:

And so, by the beginning of the Second War of the Power and the Return of Darkness -the return of the demon lords to Aels-, being commanded by The Abomination, Merrick Du Doornik, a half-orc illegitime son of a duke of Doornik, Degoland,  while it was expected the demand for mercenaries armies to go up among the southern realms to face the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria and the rumours of Satman the Apprentice returning to his old fortress of Hortann, the price of hiring professional, specialists mercenaries was considered too high, specially as the demons seemed to lack cavalry -one of the specializations of the Bloodsnakes-:

However, they will have an unexpected work opportunity: they where hired by Satman the Apprentice, to help to serve as a core for the new Dark Legions being raised in the Unholy Mountain of Hortann.

When Satman needed to march northwards to Polforia, to oversee the preparing for the Campaign of the reunified Dark Legion against the Five Kingdoms, he sended the Bloodsnake Company, leaving most of his Hortann Legions to defend his fortress.

Once in Polforia, the company was greaty expanded, and during the Campaign of Sargos of the 2440 a.a.H, the disciplined heavy infantry will precisely be a surprise for the northern degolandic knights, used to face largelly untrained, undisciplined and poorly equipped infantry that was common among much of the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest and along the Dark Legion.

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