Kanyiko - Bog-Man, master of the Universe

Bog the Barbarian, in his fanciful 'Bog-Man' appearance that exists only in his stories. Bog is not really quite so naked or buff!

"I'm half [insert race of listener], you know."

Bog the Barbarian is half-everything and full adventurer.

Bog the AdventurerEdit

Bog fights for loot and for mysterious thing he calls XP.

Bog often works as a mercenary for the city-state of Zannas. Many irregular mercenaries of Zannas are employed through the city's Adventurers' Guild of Zannas, with considerable regulation. The Adventurer's Guild is noteworthy of registering and evaluating its mercenary members and assigning various categories such as "fighter", "ranger", "barbarian", and "magic user" among others to their members. The guild also assigns various "levels" to experienced mercenaries of proven skill. The Adventurers' Guild is largely an arm of the government of Zannas, and the rulers of Zannas prefer to call these mercenaries "Adventurers" and the jobs that they do as "Quests".

Bog, despite being a "barbarian" took well to this structure. He eagerly uses the Adventurers' Guild system in his travels and adventures that have nothing to do with Zannas. To continue to rise in level is very important to him!

He often rolls dice in order to determine how effective a given skill or action will be in his endeavors!

Bog the BarbarianEdit

Bog is mighty (he may say 'leveled') barbarian warrior. He has even repelled attack of werewolfs and turned them away.

Bog has many stories of his many exploits and past. He is a skilled story teller, and as such, many of his tales of his past and exploits should be taken with a 'grain of salt'.

Bog the LoverEdit

Bog loves all and every women regardless of their race or appearance, as long they are warmblooded and reached an adult age. It is impossible to say, how many children he has, but these are all children that have appeared or referred to in canon stories: