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Bogilla with a young Pumori of the White Fang beside her

Bogilla Sybill’innu (Fronhost, 2414 - ?) was a Half Elf, Grey elf adventurer, and one of the many known children of Bog the Adventurer. Starting out life as a tavern wench, Bogilla would eventually follow in the footsteps of her father - very much against her own will - to become an adventurer.


  • Sense of Justice
  • Easily Frustrated
  • Practical Minded
  • A Reluctant Adventuress
  • Can Cook and Clean
  • Annoyed at Foolishness, particularly by her father

Early lifeEdit

Childhood in FronhostEdit

Bogilla was born as the daughter of the Grey elf Sybilla, a tavern wench and prostitute, and Bog the adventurer in a tavern in a small mountain settlement in Fronhost. For much of her childhood, Bogilla did not know the identity of her father, and knew little more about him than her mother's description that he was a 'handsome Half Elf adventurer'. As such, Bogilla identified herself as a quadroon Elf, that is, one who is three-fourths elf.

Growing Up in a TavernEdit

Growing up around the tavern owned by Ugrunt, whom she considered to be her uncle, but who in fact was unrelated to her, Bogilla spent much of her childhood performing the odd task behind the scenes, such as helping in the kitchen, serving some tables, keeping the fire in the stoves, bringing the washing out to the washer women, and other house chores. Life was hard for the young Bogilla, but luckily she still had some friends in the frontier settlement, like the young werewolf siblings Kanyi Grey Shadow and Yiko Grey Shadow.

Becoming an OutlawEdit

Life for Bogilla wasn't easy, but things deteriorated when her 'uncle' Ugrunt misinterpreted a small incident between Bogilla and the son of a blacksmith. Having never considered Bogilla anything more than his personal possession and a future prostitute in his brothel, a drunk Ugrunt forced Bogilla to take up the task of tavern wench. Things only became worse from that point onwards, as Bogilla was assaulted soon afterwards by a drunk town guard. In an attempt to defend herself, the young girl stabbed the man in the eye with a fork. As a result, Bogilla was wanted for armed assault on a town guard, a charge later changed to murder of a town guard when the man died due to a gangrenous infection of his injuries.

Early adventures with BogEdit

Before the town guard could arrest her, Sybilla made sure her daughter escaped Fronhost with a little money and some clothes. Bogilla managed to find refuge with a trading caravan that was crossing the mountain passes of the eastern branch of the northern Nohalion Mountains, towards Kanovait: as Sybilla had family in Kanovait, she hoped her daughter could lay low there until things had quieted down again.

Meeting her FatherEdit

Through sheer luck, Bogilla's father, the adventurer Bog was part of the trading caravan, having offered himself as a hired sword as he was travelling in the direction of Kanovait with his half-were protegée Pumori. However, neither knew their kinship: when they encountered one another, Bogilla merely recognised Bog as one of many customers to have visited the tavern, while Bog recognised Bogilla as the daughter of the tavern wench Sybilla. Otherwise, Bogilla was annoyed by Bog, and didn't much trust him, but for her desperate and destitute situation. However, due to a chance remark of Pumori, both slowly began to realise that they might actually be related to one another.

Goblin FightEdit

Bogilla grew frustrated and petulant at one point, and ran off from the caravan for a time. Fortunately, the little girl Pumori of the White Fang followed her. Some Ur Dur goblins lived along this mountain trail, to steal from or prey upon caravans and mountain travelers. Bogilla was an easy target, but with Pumori, the two fought and killed two of these dangerous goblins.

Battle for BogillaEdit

Bog would ultimately need to balance his duty as a caravan guard against the needs of his newly found daughter as mounted warriors from Fronhost came looking for her. Bog would fight a battle alone against four such bounty hunters, killing them for the sake of Bogilla, albeit he never told her of this fact.


Dutvkkar's FarmEdit

After several months, in the autumn of 2431 a.a.H., Bog had long since completed his caravan job, and had taken his two charges far to the west into central Polforia, into the land of Mondwargh. There, he stayed at the farm of a Kanov warrior named Dutvkkar he knew from a great adventure many years earlier. He endeavored to teach the two girls archery and other fighting techniques. Pumori complied with her usual enthusiasm, Bogilla was annoyed by all this as usual.

The White FangEdit

Bog's purpose in staying with his old comrade was to provide a safe place for the two girls, his intention was to meet with the dreaded White Fang, whom he had learned details of by werewolves of Wildnacht months earlier. He knew that they were very dangerous, and that their Alpha Hel the Oathbreaker especially so. Contrary to his usual pattern, Bog thought his approach carefully.

The encounter went well for Bog, perhaps the only such encounter that did in Hel's later years. He received a positive audience with the fearsome and despotic Hel in the ruined fortress called the Howling Keep, and departed back to Dutvkkar's farm. However, this was all a sham, Hel decided to follow Bog and kill her hated grand-daughter, Pumori, and the foolish Bog. She also would decide that raiding and purging the farm was a useful activity as well for supplies for the oncoming winter.

In the battle between the White Fang and the Kanov farmers, and their adventurer guests, Bogilla would play a part as well. However, her poorly developed archery skills would not serve her well, and she would have reason to regret her poor practice. Even so, several werewolves would be killed or injured by arrows from the defenders.

When the werewolves broke through the roof, Bogilla would stand before Hel herself and would suffer flesh wounds as a result. Bog would come to her rescue and battled Hel himself, wounding her and driving her off when her remaining warriors abandoned her.

Hel would die later, after she had returned to the Howling Keep and would vent her frustrations on the noncombatant werewolves in the old keep, the cubs, and the infirm, and any who challenged her, killing many. She would be slain by her daughter Freya White Fang.

War on the White FangEdit

Hel was dead, but the White Fang would pay a further price for Hel's raid beyond her territories. Dutvkkar had lost many people under him, including his brother. He summoned his extended family and neighbors to help him gain vengeance, and his appeal to his liege lord Ruthkarnd the Bear was answered. Ruthkarnd was tired of the threat of the White Fang and thought that they had gone too far to be ignored. He summoned many of his vassals and their fighters to the scene. They would also be joined by another lord named Burdovarr the Kinslayer and his own fighters as well. In addition, mercenary monster hunters including one Gunn Oddsdottir would be contracted as well so as there would be no slinking away by the werewolves. Bog and his two child companions would join this throng of over three hundred as they journeyed into White Fang territory towards Howling Keep.


Due to Bog's directions and the utter confusion of the White Fang following the Farm raid debacle, Hel's furious betrayal, and Hel's death, the White Fang was unaware of the arrival of a huge Kanov war-band close to their keep until it was only a short distance away. Completely unprepared for a fight on such a scale, Freya was advised to parley with the warband instead. This would surprisingly prove to be successful thanks to the werewolf advisors and Bog on the Kanov side.

In a feast afterwards, Bogilla would put her tavern service skills to good use.

Later EventsEdit

Gunn OddsdottirEdit

What happens next in Bogilla's life is not yet fully known. It is suspected that the Battleborn monster hunter Gunn Oddsdottir had some interest in Bogilla. Also, because of her problems listening to her father's tireless but apparently largely ineffective tutelage, it was observed that someone else might be better off training the girl.

So the possibility exists that Bogilla would come to serve as Gunn's apprentice for a time.

A Mature AdventurerEdit

A short story and picture exists showing Bogilla and Pumori many years later as adults on an adventure together. Whether this will be a canon event is not yet known.

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