The Bullhorn Tribal Federation was a federation of fifteen Minotaur tribes –some sedentary and some nomadic- living in the steppes north of the shores of the Tok Sea in Hieyoks.

Organized as a Constitutional Oligarchy, the Bull King ruled over the land along with a council of fourteen chieftains –representing that way the fifteen tribes-.

Their economy was based around farming, tanning and blacksmithing, exporting their abundance of wheat, grains and vegetables to the coastal cities of Tok, especially to the elven settlements, as they idolized the elves:

The cult of the Bullhorn minotaurs to elves –especially to High elves,  but that continued in some forms to the descendants of the high elven colonists- produced some suppositions as that the ancestors of the Bullhorn centaurs were domesticated and put into service by the High Elves that settled on the shores of Tok –but there didn’t remain any historical record of such practices among High Elves-.

While very friendly to the coastal cities and settlements on the shores of the Tok Sea, the minotaurs of the Bullhorn often clashed with the nomadic  peoples of the steppes, having especially an animosity toward Centaurs. They hunted and enslaved centaurs for their hide, that they used to produce a wide range of products.

The culture of the Bullhorn Minotaurs was centered around strength, being important for them to be strong and loyal.

Creator Edit

The Bullhorn Tribal Federation e was created by the deviantart user Armygeneral13, Joshua Starkloff, for the Contest : the Forgotten Lands

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