Burdovarr the kinslayer by shabazik-d6824q4

Burdovarr, the Kinslayer, standing in front of a keep where he once murdered his brother

Burdovarr the Kinslayer -- Okviyia, Polforia 2390 (?) a.a.H. - ?

Burdovarr, the Kinslayer, a kanov warlord of the Porfíros, the Kanovs of Polforia. A ruthless, but insightful man, never willing to let honor get in his way. For a warlike people such as the Pórfiros Kanov, this sometimes meant that he would negotiate for a better deal rather than fight.


Normally, you don't get such names for being a very kind person. A great warrior, as Kanov chieftains are often chosen for their skill in battle among the armed-free people, the Kinslayer was as well a cunning leader, much more capable in the political game than most of the other warriors who became chiefs due to the acculturation of the warriors towards the application of war.

But aside of all of that, he was greedy. Greedy enough, to spill the blood of his brethren, to inherit all the lands and riches of his deceased father--who died in a hunting accident--and it was rumored, Burdovarr wasn't far away when it happened.

He was then damned in his name, for spilling the blood of his kin and family, and seen as dishonorable. But a dishonorable, rich Kanov. As well, his fighting abilities -which were clear in the assaults and battles against his brothers and their warriors-gave him a positive renown in the warrior culture. So, despite him being seen as an dishonorable man, other chieftains of the Pórfiros sought his advice and support, especially when dealing with demons, as it was said that only one of the wicked would be able to face the wicked demons.

As a warlord, he increased significantly his own lands and the ones of his servants, and his halls were some of the better known in the southwest lands of the Pórfiros, having many adventurers, errant warriors and monster-hunters serving under his banners -- three severed kanov heads.

The White FangEdit

Burdovarr is most noted for a parley that he helped carry out with the werewolf clan of the "White Fang". In 2431 a.a.H., Burdovarr answered a call to destroy the White Fang werewolves if possible, or at least destroy their seat of operations, the "Howling Keep" in retaliation to a deadly raid that the werewolves carried out on a Kanov farm farmed by a Kanov warrior known as Duvtkarr. Duvtkarr lost many of his family and servants and wanted strong vengeance, calling upon his liege lord, the Kanov warlord Ruthkarnd the Bear.

The White Fang were the most feared, premier werewolf clan in Aels, and their war-packs had long been a terror in the region. The White Fang under their long time Alpha (Leader) Hel the Oathbreaker had greatly expanded their territory and depopulated a large area of land at the expense of other werewolves and a Kanov town and its farms in or near the Okviyia region in Polforia where the Kanov warlord Ruthkarnd the Bear resided with his men. With this background, Ruthkarnd the Bear decided that it was time to react decisively against the White Fang. A war band of more than three hundred of Kanov warriors and mercenaries and specialists were called together to hold the White Fang werewolves to account.

When the werewolves sent a delegation including their new Alpha (Leader) Freya White Fang, to negotiate, the Kanovs were surprised. They were expecting a fierce battle from the reputedly formidable White Fang, or for the werewolves to attack indirectly, or for the werewolves to slink away as they often did when confronted with overwhelming opposition. While there was a great deal of animosity, Burdovarr the Kinslayer in effect usurped the negotiations from the chief Kanov warlord Ruthkarnd the Bear and discussed terms with the werewolf Alpha Freya White Fang, who had just overthrew and slew her mother, the previous alpha, Hel the Oathbreaker a couple days before.

Negotiations succeeded because of Burdovarr's craftiness, the translation skills of the legendary adventurer known as Bog, and the wise counsel of the werewolf contingent on Freya White Fang, their anti-social Alpha. Certainly Freya or the principal kanov warlord Ruthkarnd could not have made the parley work between just the two of them even though they were at least willing to talk to each other.

The kanov warriors, certainly Burdovarr, obtained a great deal of land in the course of the talks. Interestingly, a relationship of interaction between the now neighboring kanovs and werewolves had its roots at this time. The Alpha Pumori (Pumori of the White Fang) would develop this much further, in relatively few years, the White Fang packs would behave very differently, and much more cooperatively, while retaining much of its fearsome reputation.

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