The Car'Haad, Car'had or Carhaad call themselves the "guardians of the skies", as that is their self-asigned duty, to keep the "forces of darkness" at bay.

The Car'haad are calificated often by the humans of Aiers as other of the numerous kinds of "beast-people", something that surely the proud sons of the great Eagle, found insulting.

The "eagle people" originate from the higher mountains of Zarhuy, and soon, thanks to their hability to fly, lived all over Aiers, in the high mountains they find.

However, a first clarification to be made about the Car'Haad is that they aren't "Eagle-people", but really are much closer to be "Griffin-people", as they are mammals (despise being oviparous beings) and for their configuration of 6 limbs, wich can be found in Griffins, Hippogriff, dragons, centaurs and pegasus.

They where originally only nomadic, but extremly loyal to their clan, traditions and religion, they settled in some areas more permanently, even if they changed their nests every year or so.

Carnivore people, the prefeered Car'Haad food are the horse -like their griffin relatives-, and where mostly hunters.

During the first ages of Elven hegemony, the Car'Haad were view as other monsters without culture who preyed in the travelers, but latter, when the High Elven Empire of Whide Axis was in their wave of imperialism and colonization, they feel that some allies who can control the skies can be very useful:

In a first moment, they tried to conquest the Car'haad, enslave and domesticate them, but quite literally, the High Elven expeditions ended only hitting the thin air.

Like in other times with the High Elves of Whide Axis, if you can't annihilate somebody, ally yourself with them: and so, the elven create the "old alliance" with the Car'Haad against the "forces of Darkness":

This mean, the elves payed them tribute, teached them domestication of animals (so the Car'haad could eat their own goats, instead of stealing the ones of the elves) and even builded them some "Nests", who where really strongholds given to the Car'Haad as gift... and as a way to control them...

In exchange, the "Guardians of the skies" payed an active help to the gigant elven empire, and where one of the reasons of the further expansions... as well why, during the Age of Invasions that followed the Apparition of Humanity, why some high elven colonies where able to resist for so long.

Whide Axis, the old elven Empire falled, and in Aels and Zarhuy, it was nothing but a memory, as new kingdoms and nations raised from their ruins.

However, zealous to their religion and ancestral "promise" to face "darkness" -wich was basically their enemies of the moment: in a more persistent way, Harpies, gargoyles and dragons, who contested their control of the skies- they first faced the humans, and latter ally with themselves, and during the Great War of the Powers between the humans and High Elven against the cohalition of free nations -called as well "Dark Legion of the Demons"... a much more agresive name-, under the command of the great Demon lords, the Car'Haad fighted against the Dark Legion, in difference to most of the "Beast People":

This could have been explained, more than for respecting their alliance, that the Harpies become ally with the demons, and they acted under the logic of enemy of my enemy, is my friend.

There are many flocks and Nests of Car'Haad, but their mayor kingdom is the "Kingdom of the Skies", in the Corridors of Wind, where the "King of Mountain", an hereditary charge, rule from their fortress of "The Gates of the Wind" builded in ancient times by dwarves hired by High Elves during the "old alliance" between both species...

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