The Cerberus Incident (3437 a.a.H) was the name given to a terrorist attack on the INU-Galactic' flagship carrier 'Cerberus' by the PMC Grap.STALKER carrying 40,000 artificial humans colonists to Jaunā Zeme Colonization Company. Despise the attempt to rescue the hijacked space vessel by contracted mercenaries by INU-Galactic, the ship and it's cargo were lost.

The Cerberus incident.Edit

INU-Galactic was commissioned by the JZCC: Jaunā Zeme Colonization Company, to bring a cargo of 40,000 shiks, consisting of various types and classes, and produced by Kasparov CIA, to the colony of Jaunā Zeme 57.7, Kharazi star system.

For this, INU-Galactic commissioned one of their W.K.CORP Sebwak-class intergalactic heavy-lift transport vehicles. The ship selected for this duty was the company's flagship carrier 'Cerberus' (YP-96027), carrying a payload of 14 modular carrier adaptors in a carrier frame. The majority of these modular carriar adaptors consisted of 8 'Sixpack' units, each with a cargo of 6 containers, each of which in turn contained 850 cryo-stored Shik clones. Other than this, the ship carried 6 'heavylift' units, three of which carried a container each with over 100 tonnes of supplies for the Jaunā Zeme colony, the other three being empty units.

However, INU-Galactic wasn't informed by it's contractor that JZCC, the company commissioned by the United States of Spotzen to colonize the world of Jaunā Zeme, was involved in a conflict with the LCP state of New Kharazi, who had land and mineral claims over Jaunā Zeme, claims that had already sparkled skirmishes between the Kharazi and Jaunazemi.

New Kharazi, contracted the PMC Grap.STALKER to make sure the 'Cerberus' and its cargo never arrive, to avoid the arrival of even more colonists that would reinforce the possitions of JZCC and their claims and occupation of the colony.

The mercenary shiks from the Grap.STALKER organization managed to infiltrate and seize the Cerberus after it lifted off from Space Colony Zifvmerenko - 83, Zifvmerenko 131.7 Fullormoon star system, resulting in the death of most of the onboard security crew detail, and the capture of most of the crew an additional MAA mercenaries guard detail.

A separate squad of MAA mercenaries subsequently managed to retake the ship, liberate the surviving crew, disable the Grap.STALKER mercenaries, and take their survivors prisoners, but not before Cerberus' engines were disabled by an act of sabotage. With its engines disabled, the ship entered the gravitational pull of an uninhabited planet and began a crash-landing. The surviving crew and security detail personnel were evacuated before Cerberus began her descent, but the ship and her load were considered lost.


The loss of the Cerberus made INU-Galactic begin legal proceedings against JZCC for hiding vital information and the dangers of the work they where commissioned to do.

As well, INU-Galactic was forced to recall their publicity campaign, which heavily featured the lost ship. The Cerberus was just one of I.N.U.-Galactic's 'Heraclian'-class heavy-lift fleet, which consisted of 12 craft. "Cerberus" was merely the flagship for its catchy name. After the disaster, its place in IG's advertisements was taken by her sister-ship YP-96028 "Cerynitis" - the first replacement posters merely had Cerberus' titles and registration replaced by those of her sister ship. Subsequent advertisement made use of other classes of INU-Galactic's fleet..

Luckily, the ship was fully insured by Stellar-Lloyds, including coverage against piracy and terrorist attacks. The payload was insured by JZCC; both were considered written off and fully reimbursed by the respective insurance agencies.

Neither insurance agency made any attempts to recover the Cerberus or its payload.

The insurance agency covering the Shik load considered the payload as economically written off, namely that it would cost more to charter a ship with a payload capacity and medical provisions/life support for 40000 Shiks to retrieve possible survivors, with said survivors potentially rendered economically "worthless" due to death or injury resulting from the crash (classed as write-off - non-survivable by Stellar-Lloyds), than to place a secondary order with Kasparov CIA for another load of 40000 brand-new Shik clones. As such, the payload of the Cerberus was administratively stricken, and legally declared as having died in the Cerberus' crash.

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