Charles le Gros was a regent and briefly king of Huncle from the 2.559 to 2.660 a.a.H, after Charles IV died in a hunting accident.

Between the succession crisis -competing with Phillipe II Vautur and Martin the Conqueror of Sargos-, and the Rivierie peasant uprisings, his rule was weak and contested, and when Sargos advanced over Öster Gate to supress the rivierie, he will not act up.

The revolt was suppressed by Huncle and Sargonic nobles led by Martin the Conqueror of Sargos, cousin, brother-in-law and mortal enemy of the Regent Charles le Gross, whose throne he was attempting to usurp.

The reprisals continued through July and August. There was a massacre after other as Martin The Conqueror and his Sargonic army slowly advanced now to western Huncle, where the regent Charles le Gross, who feared both the rebels and the Sargonic, didn't do nothing to stop the invasion of their southrn neighbors until the Rebelion was smashed...

Then, instead of fighting the invader, Charles le Gross gave the crown of Huncle to Phillipe II vautur, becoming Huncle an allied state of Sargos.

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