The Christopherian-MW war, fought between the Moziepolitischenmilitarischenindustrialen-Wosta, the MW Pact, and Christophenia, at the 3245 a.a.H.

The irony of this war was that the casus bellum where two multinational organizations for the world peace: the UPC and the HUN.

The UPC (Christophenian Pacisfist Union) was created at the 3237 a.a.H, being the first society of nations that gathered representants of nations of Ushaenor, Aels, Hieyoks, Zarhuy and Zean. In the conventions of the UPC, will be done the first proclamations of human rights, and as new laws for war. However, led by Christophenia in a dominant way, it was used by the Kingdom of Christophenia as a plataform for their international policy.

The crisis between the Calintropian Empire and the UPC, that will rise up to the Maurician Wars, will see a declaration of war of the UPC against the Calintropian Empire, for the violent supressing of nationalist independentist movements within Calintropian: this showed up what this point the christophenians used the UPC for their own agenda.

The HUN (Human United Nations) was created at the 3240 by the leader of Motzabili (MW), Otto von Pifisanodeldam, as it was seen useful: and if Christophenia could use the UPC for their own agenda, the MW wanted to use the HUN to fulfill their own agenda, and legitimate their international interventions using a higher mora ground.

There where tensions between the two international united nations organizations, as they tried to be the predominant society of nations and more respected international forum, trying to attract more nations to participate.

Otto von Pifisanodeldam, however, lost patience. He forced then the HUN nations to claim the UPC an ilegitime, ilegal warmongering organization, and the HUN issued an ultimatum to the UPC to disband.

Many nations, fearful, abandoned the UPC, but much to the disgust of von Pifisanodeldam, they didn't joined the HUN. As well, Christophenia and their allies remained in the UPC by the time the ultimatum time had passed...

And so, the armies of the MW invaded Christophenia: while the ruhenian armed forces tried a desperate resistence, as the one they did in the Second Wilzcroiser war, their allies of the UPC, fearful of the might of the MW, deserted the christophenians.

The Kingdom of Christophenia falled, and was annexed to the MW. The UPC was disbanded, and to sign the peace treaty, Christophenia was forced to enter the HUN.

Other nations learned the lesson, and joined the HUN: However, this international organization wouldn't have weight until after the third world war of Aiers, when it stopped pushing the MW agendas, and become a more neutral international organization.

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