Elven apprentice magician by shabazik-d5k4527

A young apprentice magician of the 'City of Wizards', Dahl'Haran

The Wizards of the Coast: Dahl'Haran

The City of Wizards, Dahl'Haran, Dahl'Aran, Dalharan, Dalarán or the Port of Haran was a golden high elven city-state in the northwest of Ushaenor, part of the Empire of the Whide Axis. Empire of Whide Axis


A city of tall towers and magical wonders on a rain swept coast, inhabited by Golden High Elves, proud, tall elves of most often golden hair. Among the elven cities, Dahl'Haran was the most magic-oriented high elven city, being ruled by a Magicracy, the Government of the Wizards. Dahl'Haran was the spearhead and center of all the magic knowledge of the High elves, and they regarded themselves as well, as the center of magic of all Aiers.

The Wizards of the Coast were as well the creators of numerous golems, creations and creatures such as the artificial pixies, familiars and Battleborn.

The City of Wizards, Dahl'Haran, the most eminent of the Light Elf centers of magic, would seem to have a Dark Elf counterpart in 'The Wicked City, Zaghäl.

Dahl'Haran was also selected as the capital of a league of north-west Ushaenor cities, united against invaders, and against what they saw as imperial overreach by the centralized authority, usually in the form of the holder of the title of Emperor of the Elves.

Dahl'Haran is also often seen as the de facto political capital of the isolationist minded Purple Party.

Political Controversies and DiscriminationEdit

However, the elitist government of the wizards, and the exclusion of the non-maná (magic) wielder inhabitants of Dahl'Haran from the government, military, and universities would eventually boil discontent among the commoners without maná ability or training.

As well, the ban of non-maná related studies and sciences will bring conflict to the city of the Wizards of the Coast (and the other western High elven states), with the long lasting conflict between the White Party, that claimed to be in favor of the Emperor of the Whide Axis, the so called Emperor of the Elves, and had an open mind regarding non-magical sciences, wanting to open the political system to non-maná wielding elves, and the Purple Party, in favor of the Magicracy and disregarding non-magical elves and sciences.

Speculation of Apprentice MagiciansEdit

It is known that a 'maná detecting and measuring' device exists in the university in the High elf city of Vanilion in south Zarhuy. It is very probable that such devices are to be found, or were invented, in Dahl'Haran.

Speculation: It is possible that the Dahl'Haran State might use such devices on young children to assess their potential in using maná. It would then be possible that gifted children would then have their futures decided by the State and be inducted into magical training. As all elite and educated classes seem to need magical training, including roles in the military, this would seem almost necessary.

It would seem probable that the city would make use of mercenaries and levees among the non-magic wielding commoners in certain situations.

It is unknown how established elite families might deal with members of low maná potential, or if any race discrimination collides with discrimination based on magical ability?

Parallels with NegeémilielEdit

The State-sponsored elitism seems to have a certain parallel with the Acolyte class of the Drow city-state of Negeémiliel. Although, in this case, the emphasis is on having the ability to manipulate and wield aura magic as might be detected by the devices of the city?

Additionally, the White Party and the Purple Party dual party division would seem to have similarities to the Negeémi Populist Party and Negeémi Senatorial Party divisions in the drow politics of Negeémiliel?