Daiman'Yar was a vassal Blood elf state of the Dark Legion of Demons, member of the Confederation of Free Peoples, located in the continent of Aels, in the region of Polforia.

The Seven cities of the Blood elves, located in the shores of the Hieyokscream sea, where some of the most important ports of the demon-held Polforia, being an important trade hub.

The highly stylized, tall and seemingly light buildings of the Daiman'Yar blood elven architecture will become characteristic of the seven cities.

History Edit

During the High Elf imperialism of the Late Elfic Age, while the High Elves won't officialy found kingdoms or realms in Polforia, they set in the northern coastal shores of it trading posts, as a vanguard for maybe further expansion: However, the catastrophes related to the arrival of humanity cut these proyects short, and the polforian high elves ventures where abandoned. Local Rossnes, who had traded with the High Elves however did continue the settlements.

During the Age of Invasions, as Polforia was largelly overrun by Orcs first, then Kanov and humans, many rossnes light elves migrated northwards, settling along the Hieyokscream shores, often around these small trading outposts that began to raise into small cities and petty kingdoms:

However they too will be menaced by Kanovs and Humans, and many where conquered.

When the Dark Legion of Demons arrived to Polforia, the elves of the northern provinces, last remnants of the Polforian rossnes elves, often greeted them as liberators, joining the Confederation of Free Peoples.

Under an unified demonic Polforia, under the Pax Daemoni, the now blood elven cities will prosper under demonic rule, as Seven cities states raised.

However, while succesful due trade and with a more and more refined culture, there began the feeling among some Blood elven elites that they where being hold by the Dark Legion and their heavy taxes.

That's why at first during the First War of the Power, they received the High Elves as liberators... but soon they proved themselves to be only new tyrants.

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