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Danieh'le Dahl'Arak, Leg of the Spider, General, Mistress of the Web of the Negeémi State

Danieh'le Dahl'Arak (Depths of Arak, 2166 a.a.H - ? ) was one of the most prominent of the Negeémi Drow of the 25th Century a.a.H. As a general, she was a major force in defending the Drow city-state of Negeémimiliel, and as a general and Leg of the Spider sitting on the Negeémi High Council, and ultimately, the dictator of the State, she largely presided over the zenith of the Negeémi Empire.


  • Has a sort of psychological "fetish" of wanting to bind enemies or incorporate their blood into her family. Speculation: the loss of her sisters to mountain elf attackers, and shortly thereafter, being saved by the mountain elf Corvin, may have placed the seed for the incorporation concept into Danieh'le's mind?
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Leg of the Spider Danieh'le Dahl'Arak in armor

  • Petite, yet she has an imperious demeanor and an ability to seem larger than life.
  • Often practices courtesy and charm, but willing to be cuttingly cruel.
  • Has acted as a sadist.
  • Has shown fondness for favored servants and soldiers, or affected fondness at any rate.
  • Admires those with skill and confidence who succeed at great challenges.
  • A skilled and deadly fighter with twin short swords, a sword dancer.
  • Has good tracking and scouting skills.
  • Has a good strategic mind and military organization skills.
  • Despite her skills as a high officer, Danieh'le has also done well directing small, light 'special ops' missions.
  • Danieh'le has great personal skill and experience with light infantry.
  • Tends to distance herself from her children. Speculation: doesn't want to get emotionally attached to family that might be killed one day?
  • A workaholic, politically focused, and Danieh'le observes and thinks of the reasons and consequences of almost every event.
  • Danieh'le can be impatient, she doesn't suffer fools gladly.
  • She will take good advice and good ideas, she is liable to appropriate them and maybe make them better.

House Dahl'ArakEdit

House Dahl'Arak was a very successful house in the economy and politics of the Negeémi city-state. Large numbers of their members would serve in the Low Council and several would serve in the executive High Council.

Depths of ArakEdit

The Dahl'Arak family's name comes from the town called the Depths of Arak, or "Dahl'Arak", where "Dahl" means "port", or "town of trade". Almost nothing is known of how the family came to be there or took on the name of the mining settlement.

Speculation: Perhaps the family were commoners generations earlier and colonized the settlement, or traded away a foreign family name in favor of the settlement, or were mercenaries who conquered the settlement and its mines from dwarves? Certainly the location and design of the Depths of Arak seems more like a dwarven settlement than a Drow one.

It is known that the town is a major producer of metals, particularly iron ore, and considerable mining, smelting and forging go on there, as the abundance and replacement of vast quantities of air makes it an ideal location for heavy industry in metals. The town's location atop a deep volcanic shaft also makes it useful for moving materials up and down from different levels of Kazrrad. The Depths of Arak is a very important asset to Negeémiliel, and the source of wealth for the family.

Dahl arak by shabazik-d3cs2u5

House Dahl'Arak, Top to Bottom: Leg of the Spider Danieh'le Dahl'Arak, Councilwoman and War-Priestess Shi'Nill Dahl'Arak, Colonel Rhea Dahl'Arak, Priestess Laeh'le Dahl'Arak

Known Family MembersEdit

Family Matrons: Danieh'le Dahl'Arak, general, and Leg of the Spider of the Negeémi High Council.

  • Her mother Palmyra Dahl'Arak, also both former general and a former Leg of the Spider, governor of an unknown Negeémi colony as of 2428.
  • Her grandmother, name unknown, also a former Leg of the Spider. deceased.

Uncle: Nalfeim Dahl'Arak. Palmyra's brother. An aging male drow, never married.

Siblings: Two unnamed older half-sisters, both deceased. no issue. No known younger siblings.


  • Larqvel, female citizen presumed name of Dahl'Arak.
  • Dobesh, Larqvel's son, an adolescent male, presumed name of Dahl'Arak.
  • Charinida Nim-Dahl'Arak, a young Acolyte of a secondary family.


Grandchild: Dhaura Dahl'Arak, the young daughter of Shi'Nill Dahl'Arak. Not yet an Initiated in the Academy as of 2428 a.a.H.

Enemies as FamilyEdit

Danieh'le seems to have a sort of fetish of binding enemies to her family in various ways. She raped the High elf prisoner Belád Bonceduil "The White Hermit" to deliberately have a child with him. She would do likewise with the twins she had with the captured King of the Hill, Hildetriel IV the Young, whom she captured in battle. She also set up a marriage contract between a young cousin and Ver'acea Paen'Dhirra, a political enemy and daughter of Selene Paen'Dhirra, a powerful adversary.

Each of her pregnancies was with a different man. Whether the fathers of her oldest daughters, Shi'Nill and Rhea might have been with men who could be characterized as enemies or family of enemies is unknown.


A third daughter, when she was born, Danieh'le might never have been expected to become the matron of her house. She has strived to live her life for her deceased sisters as well as for herself. Born in: 2166 a.a.H. Was Inducted into the Negeémi Academy in 2176 a.a.H. Had begun training as an acolyte at that time.

Thanks for breakfast by shabazik-d4dpd93

Left to Right: Danieh'le as a drowling lost in the surface world, Corvin the Hebonnor mountain elf peddler who cared for her

Lost in the Nohalion MountainsEdit

Approximately 2178 a.a.H. Danieh'le's older half-sisters were killed on the surface in the Southern Nohalion Mountains, while taking an overland route to reach home in Depths of Arak. At this time, just being a Drow found on the surface in the Hebonnor Mountain elf kingdom was punishable by death. The elder Dahl'Arak sisters were either killed in battle, or put to death. Their bodies would be discovered by a drow relief party searching for them.

The third sister, Initiate Danieh'le, had escaped this battle by running away, she had run quite some distance away, possibly outside for a few days and had been caught by a rabbit snare in inclement weather of rain and lightning.

The lost drow girl was rescued by Corvin, a Hebonnor Mountain elf peddler who had been traveling a nearby path and had heard the girl's cries in the distance and investigated. Corvin cared for young Danieh'le who was hungry and sick from exposure to the weather and her injury to her foot. Corvin took Danieh'le to an out of the way farm and kept her hidden away for the winter from his fellow elves who might have killed her as per royal decree. In this time period, Danieh'le adjusted to the surface, and learned the basics of speaking and reading the Hebonnor elven language.

Note: Danieh'le would later prove to be capable as a graduated Acolyte of fluency of human language of South eastern Aels as well. Possibly she retained an interest in surface languages as opposed to the more expected need for languages of Kazrrad.

Return to KazrradEdit

Drow raiders attacked the Hebonnor mountain elf village near the farm where young Danieh'le was hidden. Danieh'le would be captured by these raiders and would be brought toward the commander who was revealed to be General Palmyra Dahl'Arak. Palmyra Dahl'Arak was conducting a series of raids as a punitive action against the apparent loss of all her daughters. The discovery of her daughter alive and well would bring this revenge spree to an end.

First MissionEdit

The rescue party by shabazik-d3eg5hz

Danieh'le Dahl'Arak in hostile territory on her first mission

Danieh'le would graduate from the Academy in 2203 a.a.H. In an unusual way, she would be assigned a special mission to provide a Negeémi presence to aid the Dark Legion of Demons. She would give professional military aid to the drow of northern Aels, the chaotic Dungeandar drow. She would be teamed up with veteran drow scouts Missy Maltree and Deli. This relationship did not run smoothly, and got worse as the young professional soldier and the veteran scouts clashed over issues of culture and operations. Missy Maltree was only too pleased to pull rank on the young Acolyte in a way that Danieh'le would never have otherwise needed to tolerate from commoner mercenaries.

Much of the disagreements came from the capture of a four woman amazon patrol, whereas Danieh'le would have killed some of them, leaving one or two for questioning, Missy and Deli wanted the excess for the slave market. This sort of mercenary behavior shook Danieh'le greatly, the two northern drow saw it as a calculated risk and business as usual. There was a falling out when an amazon managed to escape with Danieh'le ostensibly the one at blame.

Danieh'le had been searching for the escaped amazon, but returned when she learned that reinforcements were looking for the lost patrol. Things came to a head when Danieh'le heard her two compatriots discussing betraying her by selling her to the slavers as well as the excess amazons. She resolved to betray them first, and carefully stole one of the amazon captives and left Missy and Deli to their own devices. They would be defeated and captured by the amazon reinforcements.

Danieh'le would turn the captive amazon over to her superiors in the Dark Legion of Demons and reported her untrustworthy superiors as lost on the mission. Unaware of her abandoning them, this would be an early success in her career. No one appreciated it as such at the time, but this was one of the first encounters of the long running, massive and bloody First War of the Power.

Later SuccessesEdit

Very little of the actual events of the career of Danieh'le Dahl'Arak is known. But as her first mission illustrated, she was adept at 'special ops' sorts of commando missions. Later in her career, she, and a small unit, would assassinate a dwarven commander in his supposedly secure base. It was a difficult and dangerous mission for which she would be rewarded.

As an officer, Danieh'le would prosecute war many times. The events of the Drow Trio story has Danieh'le as a high officer above the three principal drow in the story. Danieh'le was a colonel and later a general during that time period of the end of the 24th Century and early part of the 25th Century a.a.H.

Politics and ServiceEdit

Again, few specifics are known, but it is known that the high sorceress Khariel Baener was a lifelong Academy friend and ally of Danieh'le, and that this friend would achieve great power at a young age by becoming a Leg of the Spider on the Negeémi High Council and the high sorceress of the Temple of Doom. Khariel Baener would be a major backer of Danieh'le in her career. Danieh'le would be no stranger to the Temple of Doom and would even take part in religious rituals in front of a congregation.

One might speculate that Danieh'le Dahl'Arak is particularly religious as a result of her temple activities? She might well have religious training beyond that of the typical Acolyte? Two of Danieh'le's three daughters would have maná manipulating abilities and would become priestesses. However, in the theocracy of Negeémiliel, religion and politics go hand in hand, becoming a priestess is an expected outcome for a gifted Acolyte.

Captain of the Guard?Edit

Given the time that Danieh'le spent in the Temple of Doom and close to Khariel Baener, there might be good reason to surmise that Danieh'le spent those years there as the Captain of the Guard in charge of the security for the temple complex? This would indeed explain her ongoing presence there during a period of time. She was there in a period where the Initiated Xuunera Lo'Kee would carry out a sacrifice, her combat and halting of the efforts of Belád Bonceduil, tormenting him in the following years he was imprisoned in the temple dungeons. This is a period of time from 2361 - 2366 a.a.H., and she might have served at the temple for years before 2361. As of 2366, Danieh'le was gone on campaign, possibly having been promoted and reassigned in that year, and going on active duty following the birth of her third daughter Laeh'le Dahl'Arak, also the daughter of Belád Bonceduil.

Speculation of PromotionsEdit

Danieh'le Dahl'Arak might have been promoted to Major after her time in the Temple of Doom? She was known to be a colonel as of 2402 a.a.H., and might have been promoted to general soon afterward?

Danieh'le's mother, Palmyra Dahl'Arak, had long become a Leg of the Spider executive on the High Council as well. She would later retire and would leave the capital city to become a governor of an unknown colony, but this would clear a seat for Danieh'le to ascend to the High Council as well, joining her close friend Khariel Baener. The year in which this would have taken place is currently unknown, but is believed to be shortly before 2424 a.a.H.

Assassination of Khariel BaenerEdit

However, in 2424 a.a.H., Khariel Baener would be assassinated by Jamal a highly skilled loranor assassin. This was done in recompense by the Jabharil Church, (Cult of the Flower), for an act of the murder of a Jabharil temple's staff on the orders of Khariel Baener. It would later be revealed that the Negeémi Populist Party and probably Selene Paen'Dhirra played a significant role in this assassination. It would greatly benefit them in allowing Selene to take the suddenly vacant seat and sit as the third Populist in the High Council.

The assassination did not directly harm Danieh'le, but was certainly troublesome on a personal level, particularly as Danieh'le's then youngest daughter, Priestess Laeh'le Dahl'Arak was assaulted in the assassination. Additionally, the captain of the guard, Xuunera Lo'Kee, was a sort of understudy of Danieh'le Dahl'Arak's, these factors, as well as the assassination of her close friend and political supporter, made the event embarrassing. Captain Lo'Kee and her unit would be placed on a punitive exile for allowing their charge to be killed.

Danieh'le Dahl'Arak and her Negeémi Senatorial Party may have lost what was a useful voting block within the High Council with the loss of Khariel Baener.

War with the Mountain ElvesEdit

A few years after the death of Khariel Baener, a war with the Hebonnor mountain elves was started, in large part due to agitation from the Negeémi Populist Party within the Negeémi Low Council. The Populists were in control of this legislative body, and were able to assign army divisions of leanings towards the Negeémi Senatorial Party to be dispatched to deal with the Hebonnor incursions. The war did not go well, and the perception was made worse by the Negeémi Populist Party, even as they would assign and dispatch more Senatorial forces to deal with it. Ultimately, Danieh'le Dahl'Arak herself was sent to take personal field command of the Negeémi-Hebonnor War.

General Dahl'Arak would leave the city, but she would leave her disgraced Captain Xuunera Lo'Kee and her own daughter Laeh'le behind so as to keep her appraised of political developments, and to determine proof of collusion between the Populist Party and the Cult of the Flower. This was a relationship that was long suspected, but never definitively proven by the Senatorial Party. This relationship would indeed be uncovered and proven by Captain Lo'Kee and her agent, Maylara Maltree. Danieh'le would engage in long-distance communications, and would even smuggle herself into the capital city of Negeémiliel to attend to plots, as she became committed to the idea of a counter coup d'état before the Negeémi Populist Party could launch their own power grab against the current government.

This was only possible in that as the commander of the army, Danieh'le had been quite successful in first reorganizing the drow surface troops, and then utterly crushing the Hebonner army at the Battle of Cilfach in the spring of 2428 a.a.H., capturing the Hebonnor King Hildetriel IV the Young and ending the war. This pleased the Negeémi populace, making the martial Leg of the Spider a heroine to the people, and shocking the Negeémi Populist Party, leaving them uncertain what to do, delaying their own planned coup d'état.

Civil WarEdit

Conspiracy by shabazik-d6f5c94

Left to Right: a slave boy serving House Dahl'Arak, General Danieh'le Dahl'Arak and Captain Xuunera Lo'Kee plotting their coup d'état while undercover

One strategy that the Populists used to try and mitigate the problem, was by defusing Danieh'le's status as a military heroine by portraying her as foppish and elitist. Danieh'le Dahl'Arak herself went along with this as it allowed her to openly visit the city, stay in touch with her agents, and to plant more and more of her soldiers and mercenaries into the city. Her plan was to launch her own Coup d'état before the Populists did. The operations, spearheaded by Captain Xuunera Lo'Kee, made a big impact and ignited an actual bloody civil war in the capital city of Negeémiliel.

Rule as an AutocratEdit

The results as established would prove that Danieh'le Dahl'Arak was highly successful. She rejected a Senatorial interim government proposal to become a queen in the state, as the Populists had done some short centuries earlier. Instead, she set herself up as the 'quiet' dictator of the city-state, and rather continued on as Leg of the Spider in the High Council. Danieh'le Dahl'Arak pulls the strings of the government with additional titles as a 'Protector of the State' and 'Mistress of the Web' while otherwise appearing to be just a member of the Negeémi High council; powerful though that role is in itself, it hides the fact that she is the true and highest authority of the post civil war state.

0345 protector of the negeemi republic by shabazik-d7i0zef

Danieh'le Dahl'Arak basks in public adulation as the State hero, achieving de-facto dictatorship. Behind her are her two most valued agents Maylara Maltree to the left, and Xuunera Lo'Kee to the right

It is likely that she is the most politically powerful woman in Negeémiliel, but evidence shows that she does not have absolute power. Indeed, circumstantial evidence suggests that she may sometimes be operating contrary to the wishes of her Negeémi Senatorial Party regarding politics of the conquered Hebonnor mountain elf kingdom. Possible events decades in the future suggests that her political power may be diminishing to that of a normal Leg of the Spider on the High Council? Difficult decisions remain for her not too many years in the future as the Second War of the Power would begin and decisions of how Negeémiliel would negotiate with the Dark Legion of Demons would fall heavily on her shoulders.

Still, gaining dictatorial power, shaping the state, and then voluntarily giving that power up in a controlled manner and remaining alive and respected is a difficult act to pull off. What Danieh'le Dahl'Arak's eventual fate will be, is unknown. Evidence suggests that House Dahl'Arak will remain a respected force in the Negeémi culture well into the modern era.

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