The Dark Age of Demons was an Age that last from 1.676 to 2.223 a.a.H., in which the destruction of the Dumian Empire, Vakkusta Empire, and Farsian Empire in Aels and Zarhuy, created a void of power and instability and a general decline of the influence of the various states, and religions. However, the demonic forces did not have much clout in Hieyoks and Ushaenor, and never threatened the way of life there, rising in North-western Aels new human kingdoms and in the south the South Dumian Empire became the Empire of Uslen, and Blazakhov became an independent state.

The Dark Age ended with the War of the Powers (2.203-2.223), which ended in a Human-Elf-Dwarven coalition against the Dark Legion of Demons, who were finally defeated and the greatest demon lords were sealed away for some two centuries.


  • 1.677 Aels. The rests of the North Dumian Empire are reparted and disputed.
  • 1.678 Aels. The Christian Church self-proclaim themself as the only defense of the human kingdoms of Aels against the Daimons.
  • 1.680 Southern Aels. Flairie elf converted to the Unlic Christian Church.
  • 1.681 Northwest Aels. Aleks I of the Weseuros began his reign over the Weseuros tribe of the Tranks, and will unite all of the weseuros territories in the brief Weseringian Empire.
  • 1.684 Aels, Polforia. The Great Hunger of Polforia, caused by four consecutives years of bad crops, which weakened the Kanov kingdoms in the wake of the settlement of demons in Polforia.
  • 1.700 Kazrrad. End of the drow Warring States Age. Drow city of Negeémiliel raise to hegemony in southern Kazrrad.
  • 1.703 Aels, Polforia. Fundation of the Daimon City-State of The Dark Tower of Dol-Nur.

Kanovhook Wars (1711 - 1869) Edit

Five Warring Kingdoms Period (1974 - 2203 a.a.H) Edit

First War of the Power (2203 - 2223 a.a.H) Edit

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