Delmen Jako - Klein Shine

Delmen of Klein Shine

Delmen are the artificial humans created by the megacorporation Klein Shine, being a type of Corporative Clon, and were called delmen in contraposition of the shiks or aFras of other corporations: However, due the popular use of the artificial humans of Kasparov CIA Shiks, this name was already whidely used for any corporative artificial human / clone.

Klein Shine dedicated mostly to the creation of civilian purposes artificial human for commercial and domestic use, for private use of corporations and persons, rather than aiming at the colonization of new worlds or the markets that where the large nations and their militaries.

As well, in difference to GENTEK or Kasparov CIA, they produced only female artificial humans -other of the many critized policies of KS-, and their delmen where much heavily conditionated that other artificial humans, often having implants in the base of their brains, to regulate their conducts even further.

The Delmen as well, enginered for more domestic purposes, wasn't as resistant as other artificial humans to hostile environments.

Despise all of this, Klein Shine -controlling their own home planet, and as members of the CONIN- had to field an army: and while the bulk of their forces where robots and remotely controlled weapons, they gave their civilian models of artificial humans military training. The Delmen where then organized in colours depending their ranks and services, existing pink, black, blue, golden, red and white.

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