Dol-Nur, or alternatively Dol'Nur, was a volcano of Aels, a demonic dark kingdom and a city of Demons.

The Volcano of Dol'Nur was the third highest mountain of Aiers, located in Polforia.

The City of Demons of Dol'Nur was founded at the 1703 a.a.H in the Volcano, from which it was named after, after the fall of the Empire of Dume, being a base of demonic power during the Kanovhook wars. From this city state, will be founded the later Kingdom of the Witches of Dol'Nur, which will come to be the most powerful Polforian Demonic kingdom.

The city of Dol'Nur was built by the eastern side of the mountain, looking to the plains of Morod, extending both in the surface and into the underworld of Kazrrad, in the Furnaces of Dol-Nur.

History Edit

Dol-Nur is a living city and over its centuries it has grown, shrank, and evolved with time. The Demons found the Volcano a perfect base to work from. It had an abundant building material that they could handle and no local life to interrupt them.

The city also mirrored how the Demons changed adding new style and designs they took from other cultures. It went from original primitive thoughts to elaborate and stunning architecture that only some Elven cities could match.

Dark Age of Demons: Foundation of the City Edit

As the demons arrived to Polforia at the end of the XVII century, deciding to make it their cornerstone land for a future empire they dreamed about, they needed a seat of power: a fortress and capital to call their own.

While the Great Hunger of Polforia had weakened the grip of the Kanov realms over Polforia, much of the more fertile, better lands were still occupied by these realms, so they looked for a place where they could found a city that would be not only in a strategic position for later expansion into Polforia, but as well that was easy to defend -and that wasn't previously occupied, as the demons had still to replenish their numbers after the Dumian Wars.

The active volcano was seem as an excellent place, as the volcanic fumes didn't affect the demons like it happened to other creatures, and the poisoned waters and difficulty to find food in the immediate area wasn't as pressing to the demons as to other peoples of Aiers: but as well, from the gates of Dol-Nur, they controlled the fertile Morodi plains.

In its early days had demonic elemental creatures and fire demons channel and even handle molten rock. All of the buildings were of black volcanic rock shot with veins of other material at rare spots.

Most of the city was going into the volcano, both below and up its more solid western flank. These were a labyrinth of tunnels with few exits and simple ramps and large caves.

The buildings would take the shape of spiraling spires similar to marine animal shells and rise up to 3 stories of solid stone. There were no windows, doors, or stairs made at this time. Few ventilation shafts were made so often they were smoky inside. Each building was pitch black inside with ramps going up into large open areas.

Simple platforms would be grown out of the flanks of the mountain for a number of flying Demons to live on.

There were a few clean hot water springs fed from an underground reserve that give life providing water to the city's population.

A look during this era over the city would see it as a number of black spiral cones rising up near molten rivers of lava. There would be a few small platforms jutting out from the side of the volcano with no discernible path connecting them to each other or the rest of the city.

Dol-Nur by the First War of Power Edit

The city had kept growing and expanding, and during the Kanovhook wars, as more peoples came to the fold of demons and their Confederation of Free Peoples, aside of its small original demonic population, a large number of Demon Servers began to settle in the city, that greatly expanded from its original citadel.

These demon servers -being the most numerous diverse kinds of Goblinoids- needed in a much more pressing manner than demons, food and water.

In front of a rising city population, the Demons started to play with the knowledge they took from the Dumian Empire of the Librarians on designs.

Newer buildings could go up to 5 stories tall and had the first windows of glass. Doors were made of pivoting stone so well balanced even a child could push one open and closed but weighing tons. Ventilation improvements made the smoky interiors of the older buildings more breathable by others. Stairs were added allowing for even sharper angles of climbing then ramps previously allowed.

A few covered aqueducts would be made providing more fresh and cool water to the city. Many fountains would be built using this water supply Underground would get more vast with grand galleries and caves going far deeper then most know.

The city kept growing on the surface but lacked any defensive fortifications. When the Empire of Whide Axis came. Each building was almost its own fortress with few entrances causing the Elves to clear them one at a time. None of the buildings could be destroyed unless the Elves used vast magic so the city would be left nearly the same after the war. the aqueduct system would be smashed making water rare in the city.

The look after the War would see an alien landscape with a number of the taller towers have smashed out windows. Rubble would be in the streets and almost no life would be seen.

Dol'Nur during the Middle Human Age and the Second War of Power Edit

The city itself would not see an open revival to occupancy for a long time. A few of the aqueducts would be repaired but it is not till the freeing of the Demon Lords that the city would see active construction once more.

With the elevation of power the Witch King of Dol-Nur got from Saatan for rescuing him he would spend some on his capitol. Aqueducts would be built and many of the structures would gain running water, to a limited extent. The height of buildings would rise up to 7 stories.

A new development would be the city would have a number of high walkways connecting some buildings well above the streets.

A wall would finally be built but it would be haphazard and much of it would be used for slaves than actually protecting the city proper.

The look at this time (Copy from a Rushvin story)--

The Daughter of Lilith flies over Dol-Nur. The nude demonic woman sighs enjoying the ash thermals on her body that help propel her over the nightmarish landscape. She looks down after flying an aerial ballet with her sisters.

The city, to her, starts on the ridges of the active volcano. Ledges on the height is where her and most of her kin live. They live in the open not needing shelter from the weather due to the heat rising from the lava streams going down the side of the mountain. The ledges are not barren but have a number of ash coated furnishings.             Lower down on the slopes the very rock is bulged out and carves into the common visages of the great Bazrrod lords. These stand vigil over the population below with torrents of molten rock flowing around the sides of them. The young Daughters can not always fly so well and will rest on such august personages. The oldest is of Saatan, but it is not the largest, it's slightly smaller then the new one of Satman the Apprentice.             The valley below the mountain is a spreading maze of structures with channels of red glowing flowing lava. The buildings are mostly made of the lava shaped into flowstone structures with the rare stone built building.             The least interesting feature to a flyer as herself are the roads, street, and alleyways. The main roads going in and out of the city can be as wide as four wagons abreast and seems to always have supplies coming in and armies leaving. The streets of the city break off from the main roads like arteries fanning out. The Alleyways are narrow but can let at least two men walk abreast and are shot through many nooks and crannies of the city. The people that walk the streets mean little her to as she flies up.


The Volcano of Dol'Nur rises up. Plumes of smoke come from various vents. The red glow of molten material gives of a nightmarish feel at night. The City of the Dol-Nur goes up its flank and right in to the fiery hell. Black stone from cooled magma is the building material of choice. The wall around sections of the city look to have flowed in to place rather then built. Towers and buildings are spiral needle designs and can be over seven stories tall. Carved platforms from the Volcano's flank hold aeries for the winged monsters. It is not the surface but underneath the dark soil stretch caves and chambers for many of the Ozcura, Goblin, and worse inhabitants. There is no wooden buildings to be seen in any part of the city. The creatures that roam the streets and skies are the stuff of nightmares. The sounds they make are a horribly cacophony to anyone's ears. It takes a while to get use to and realize those that dwell here are doing what other city populations do.

Noted Structures Edit

Cathedral of the Demon Gods, Temple of Saatan Edit

From early on the eastern base of Dol'Nur has had a temple to Saatan. The structure was of their simple design but was the tallest surface structure in the city and could hold a thousand believers. It would be destroyed by the Elves after the First War of the Power.

After his release from imprisonment a new temple would be built on the spot. It would be a more human style this time instead of the seashell style of earlier. The main structure could house nearly 1500 believers in its three level open church area. It would rise once more with the warped looking bell-tower over 100 feet above the surface, the tallest of the city.

The bells at the grand cathedral of Saatan clang with the hour. It would be the major time keeping for much of the demons.

Grand Hall of the Confederation of Free People Edit

The main political building of the demonic nation was built on the western side of Dol'Nur. Its interior was changed over the centuries but outside started as a large 2 story tall structure. Later it would be dug down and built up to give it more room.

The inner chamber for the Bazrrods held only seventy-three seats in gold gilded luxury. Each seat was fitted for the form of the Demon that was to sit in it so many were huge while some were sized for a human. The ceiling rose up nearly six stories. The great lords are rarely all present themselves. Most came when the season started but wars, weather, and politics meant proxies will sit for some.

There are many chambers outside for servants and staff. Each lord has their own private office. The furnishing of each differs greatly.

Temple of Satman Edit

Built to the south of the city. It kept mostly to the traditional demonic design of spiral look limiting its inner size. For two decades it would have a grand spire added to the top making it taller then Saatan's temple. It would collapse with the destruction of the Demon it was built to worship.

The Forges Edit

Deep in the volcano metal working went on since the demons built the place. Thousands toiled making both tools of war and peace in the hellish environment of the active volcano.

It has only been silent when the Elves came and put the craftsman and slaves to the sword. Restarting the work would take decades to repopulate and recover how the knowledge of the older craftsman of how the forges worked.

The Furnaces of Dol'Nur Edit

Breeding pit for the Battle Succubae

The Aeries Edit

The mountainside would over time be home to many flying demons and races. These were hard to get up to unless one could fly. Most of them would be open air but a few would have coverings in sections.

(Adding in this to give the city a living feel and descriptions. Rushvin personally label the country and volcano itself as Dol'Nur and the city as Dol-Nur. Shabazik has them interchangeable.)

(not yet cleaned up for proper use but to give Larqven and others ideas. -Rushvin)

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