Dorozia was a short lived Doroz elven state by the end of the Middle Human Age and the beginning of the Second Dark Age: located near the K'Hiff straits in Hieyoks, between the sea of Hieyokscream and Tok, it stood in territories where once High Elven colonies of the Empire of Whide Axis had been:

These colonies were struck hard by the Curse of the Doroz during the Age of Invasions, with a deadly toll on the inhabitants, dying between one third to half of the High elves: soon, the weakened elven cities will be abandoned, or sacked and destroyed by Galaw Orcs, Kanovs and Humans. Most of the elven survivors that remained in the area, had as descendants Doroz elves, who to escape slavery or service will largely retreat to the Hieyoks steppes, becoming nomads.

These errant tribes will be able to form a Nomadic Empire in the steppes during the Middle Human Age -At the 2.242 a.a.H-. They will advance from Central Hieyoks to the shores of Tok, imposing tribute to Krakavian human cities, Sylvan elfs and Vanolosé trading cites by the 2.350.

At the 2.364, they settled down in the ruins of the High Elven ruins of their forefathers and established a capital city along the Vanolosé trading cities of the region, exploiting the existing bureaucrats and commercial resources of the non-nomadic societies of "Dorozia" -Krakavian Human, Vanolosé and Galaw Orcs and Sylvan Elves-, becoming culturally assimilated to the culture of the occupied nations: they were ultimately overthrown by the Krakavian Principalties at the 2.453.

However, the Krakavian rule of the northern Tok shores will be short lived with the expansion of the Dark Legion to Hieyoks at the 2.470 a.a.H.

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