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Alpha Pumori of the White Fang encounters Falco, a spirit form from another world in her Dreamworld

The Dreamworld is a spiritual realm which first gained popularity among the Werewolf realms of middle-Polforia. Originally only reserved to the Alphas of Werewolf packs, the Dreamworld made it possible for Werewolves to share experience and wisdom with, or ask advice from the spirits or avatars of Werewolf leaders of past times. The most common way for Werewolves to gain access to this spiritual realm, was to enter a trance-like state, typically obtained through a mixture of herbal solutions which would be prepared by the pack Shaman.

In the turbulent post-Cataclysmic era (see The Cataclysm), the Dreamworld summoning techniques were mostly forgotten as most of the once-proud Werewolf societies dissolved back into individual packs. However, after the emancipation of the Werewolf societies in Degoland in the 3200s, werewolf youths re-discovered these ancient summoning techniques and used them for spiritual enlightening as part of an emerging Werewolf counter-culture. Often referred to as chasing the ancestors, some of the results of these medicinal-induced spiritual experiments later formed the basis of popular articles and alternative literature, such as the popular titles Catching Cyrti's Bells, In the Shadows of Wolves, Twilight Walks in Polforia, and Talks with our Werewolf Ancestors.

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