The Drow-Elf Wars was a series of wars fought in Aels between the Empire of Drow against the rossnes, zuleis, wollumis and verdennos elven tribes of Aels, fought during the Early Elfic Age, between the 13.000 to the 12.000 b.a.H.

The Empire of Drow, first elven empire of Aels that was centered around northern Aels in Polforia and the valley that will be later known as Kanovait, began to extend their influence beyond the natural borders of the Dargoina mountains, acting according to themselves upon divine commands to "bring the light of civilization to their barbarian brothers", the other elven tribes, and "To domesticate the monsters" -non elves-.

At first, the Drow where highly succesful in their expansion, as the dispersed elven tribes couldn't face the imperial organization and were overrun and conquered or forced out of the Empire of Drow.

However, the enemies of the drow began to learn from their enemies and conquerors, and the Verdennos, Zuleis, Rossnes and Wollumis elves began to adopt elements of the drow culture, technologies and civilization and as well more complex political organizations aside from tribes and clans, to face the Empire of the Drow.

The first significative defeat of the Empire of the Drow happened at the 12.270 a.a.H in the Battle of the Purple Fields, when an alliance of the Zuleis tribes of the prairies was able to defeat a drow army.

As result of this defeat, the enemies of the Drow will raise several alliances and coalitions -the Zuleis Tribes, the Rossnes Tribes and the Wollumis Clans among the elves; the Dwarven Kingdom alliances; the Dragon Fire Alliance and several tribes of beastmen and goblinoids-.

Each of these alliances waged their own wars against the Drow, fighting paralel conflicts.

As long as the Empire of Drow was unified, their enemies couldn’t with them: but internal struggles, corruption, succession and civil wars weakened the empire from within…

About one thousand years of war will come in Aels, until the final defeat and destruction of the Empire of Drow: the other elven nations, aided by beast people and anyone who opposed the dark elves, defeated the drow armies, destroyed the drow cities, looting and plundering, killing each woman, man and children alike, bringing even their race to the brink of complete destruction.

The Empire collapsed: Cornered to their last lines of defenses, the drow retreated to the Underworld of Kazrrad about the 12.000 b.a.H.

Meanwhile, the cobeligerents against the drow would then fight each other for hegemony. Some of the most benefited of the collapse of the Empire of Drow where the Dwarves, who will come to be for long hegemonic in many of the territories that had been under Drow hegemony.

This war was very important to shape the destiny of Aels during the Early and Middle Elfic Ages, and as well the future destiny of the Drow civilization: the Drow -exception being made of some hunter-gatherer groups later known as the Canaia Drow- will come to be dwellers of the Underworld, with only marginal presence in the surface.

Aelian elves, to fight the Drow, adopted much elements of their organization and culture, including the writting systems.

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