The Drow Trio (Negeémiliel circa 2373 - 2429 a.a.H.)

The drow trio by shabazik-d30er5s

The Drow Trio during their graduation. Left to Right: Milvais Zisrith, Quilintha Quarra, Ivoÿn Cheylrra

The Drow Trio is a story reference to the adventures of three unfortunate Negeémi Drow Acolytes. They appeared as captives of Roothar in the picture that introduced the four characters. The picture was meant to be an unimportant 'one shot' use of these four, but viewer interest led to more pictures, and finally, a long running story that interconnected with other stories.

Additionally, much of their story is actually told in the past relative to their capture by Roothar the Slaver. They are seen from little girls growing up in a regimented society and serve as a cross section of the elite within that society. Especially when further acolytes friendly to them are included.

Background of the Drow TrioEdit

The Drow Trio consist of: Quilintha Quarra, Milvais Zisrith, and Ivoÿn Cheylrra.


The Drow Trio are the core of a small clique of Negeémi Initiated girls, born in the later half of the 2300's a.a.H. They entered into the Academy in the capital city of Negeémiliel in the 2370's a.a.H. under the supervision of an initiated sub-officer known as Xuunera Lo'Kee. The system allows promising young initiated to become responsible for younger initiated girls to prepare them for being officers as adult Acolytes. The three girls bonded together very early in the process, and remained so into adulthood, when they became a little unit under one of the girls, Ivoÿn Cheylrra.

Life in the Academy is a fairly harsh meritocracy, with tinges of the corruption within their society partially isolated from the students, but still apparent. It is not easy to endure the Academy without friends, so joining with other initiated is a good strategy. The three girls gravitated towards each other even though they are rather different.

Quilintha Quarra -- Negeémiliel, 2363 a.a.H. - ?Edit

Quilintha is from a commoner family, her mother being at least a moderately wealthy, professional level mercenary and captain of the mercenary house of the Black Widows. It is not easy for even wealthy commoners to get their daughters into the Academy. In addition, there was an older sister who had nearly made it though the process, but disappeared and is presumed dead. There was a great deal of pressure on Quilintha to succeed.

Due to her commoner origins, there is a likelihood of being ostracized due to few commoners getting into the Academy at any one time, and prejudice amongst the other initiated girls and their instructors. Becoming friends with other girls was an important part in avoiding that issue. However, there were sometimes the sense that she was 'put upon' or otherwise the 'junior' member of squad.

Quilintha is characterized by having much greater determination and self reliance than her two squad mates, but often appears joyless, angry or worried.

Family of Quilintha QuarraEdit

  • Daff (mate)
  • Auril Quarra (Mother, Mercenary Captain for the Black Widows)
  • Unnamed Father, Potter
  • Older sister, possibly named Malaá, a senior Initiated, missing and presumed dead.

Milvais Zisrith -- Negeémiliel, 2363 a.a.H. - ?Edit

Milvais comes from a 'poor' but very traditional and long time acolyte family. Despite having produced acolytes for many centuries, perhaps since the reformation of the city under the goddess Negeé, the family produced no officers in the most recent generations. With only 'enlisted' level soldiers to point to, and dwindling wealth, the family is seen as 'honorable, but insignificant' in the arena of the acolyte elite.

Indeed, the family owes long term debt that began in the time of Milvais's grandmother. The family has lived a 'middle class' existence since then, and have had a questionable ability to spend money wisely.

Milvais is a high action acolyte and a great melee fighter that enjoys a good time. However, she has a certain intensity which comes across as cruelty, and became focused on making money as an adult acolyte when opportunities presented themselves. Usually by capturing criminals to gain a percentage when criminals might be punished with slavery.

Somewhat ironically, her family bought a commoner woman who was Milvais's friend and lover as a slave at an inflated price to keep the woman's family from all being sold to pay debts.

Family of Milvais ZisrithEdit

  • Talice, lover and slave of the Zisrith family purchased to save Talice's family from debts.
  • Unnamed Mother, A senior sergeant Acolyte
  • Unnamed Father, A house husband, former mercenary.
  • Liriel Zisrith, also known as "Raven". Younger sister. A recently graduated Acolyte, 'Emo' sensibilities.
  • Unnamed younger brother, betrothed in an arranged marriage to Lamina Soled, an Initiated from a very wealthy commoner family.

Ivoÿn Cheylrra -- Negeémiliel, 2364 a.a.H. - ?Edit

Ivoÿn comes from an acolyte family that has been established for at least a few generations. It is unknown if it has produced any officers, but it has been able to generate a great deal of mercantile wealth by the production of textiles. This has afforded her a great deal of security as money was never a problem for her, giving her good armor and quite possibly covering up some of her misdeeds.

Ivoÿn is a spirited woman who often thinks of various crazy ideas, frequently to the detriment of others. She often enlists Milvais as a willing participant and Quilintha as an unwilling participant in some of her schemes. These schemes have ranged from being troublesome at the Academy, abusive towards commoners on the streets, or useful in military exercises. Due to one of her good ideas and bravery, she was promoted to Corporal with her two friends becoming her squad.

Back to active duty by shabazik-d3bjtae

The Drow Trio after first campaign. Left to Right: Ivoÿn Cheylrra, Achie Ach'hast, Milvais Zisrith, Quilintha Quarra, and Laeh'le Dahl'Arak shortly before her graduation

Family of Ivoÿn CheylrraEdit

  • Unnamed Mother, A retired Acolyte, Very Wealthy clothes merchant.
  • Athal Cheylrra, twin brother. An athletic dancer and 'underground' Strip Club owner. Operates his business with a 'front woman'.

Other AcolytesEdit

Other acolytes also have closely interacted with these three women as acolytes and as initiated children. They further explore the different places and social strata that acolytes might originate from. Two of the most important of these are:

  • Achie Ach'hast: From a wealthy acolyte family that originates in a city outside of the capital of Negeémiliel. She is a decent fighter, but is known for submissive fetishes, and for fetish art.
  • Laeh'le Dahl'Arak: The daughter of one of the leading families within the acolyte system. Laeh'le is a priestess, and therefore automatically 'important' by her use of magic; but is meek and unaccomplished considering that she is a priestess and coming from such an important family, and relative to her two older sisters. She was often bullied by the Drow Trio as an initiated, but became occasionally attached to them as an acolyte.


As InitiatedEdit

The three girls became friends early on after entering the Academy. Milavais excelled as a fighter. Ivoÿn perhaps felt bored within the confines of the school, as she would get into mischief and faced some discipline, and more than once. Little is known of Quilintha's experience in the Academy other than she felt pressure to succeed and faced some prejudice against her by being a first generation entry into the Academy. The fate of her missing older sister probably weighed on her mind as well.

03 Gimme your wallet by Shabazik

The Drow Trio bullying and robbing a commoner male when they were Initiated girls. Left to Right in foreground: Quilintha Quarra, Unnamed commoner male, Milvais Zisrith, Ivoÿn Cheylrra

The girls were not above bullying other girls. One of their targets was the studious, but often inept, Laeh'le Dahl'Arak.

Like many Initiated drow girls, they caused trouble on the streets outside of the Academy, in bullying commoners. It was a bad habit that they did not soon outgrow.

As young Initiated, they came under the command of a senior initiated known as Xuunera Lo'Kee, who would eventually rise to become their commanding officer.

Early CareersEdit

  • (2399 a.a.H.) The Drow Trio Graduate by this time. The unit of Initiated of Xuunera become Acolytes, and therefore, a complete fighting unit.
  • (2401 a.a.H.) The Drow Trio and their unit, after two years of Police duties in Negeémiliel, assigned to far northern borders of Negeémiliel, for border duties.
  • (2402 a.a.H.) Truce signed between Nortunk and Negeémiliel.
  • (2403 a.a.H.) Skirmishes against Goblin Marauders.
  • (2408 a.a.H.) The end of Ched'Ipango-Negeémiliel drow war, Negeémi victory. Police duties in Negeémiliel, as well as to reorganize their unit which suffered casualties.
  • (2410 a.a.H.) Beginning of campaigns against Black orcs and goblins from the Bloody Apple
  • (2417 a.a.H.) End of campaigns against Black Orcs (see: Kokto Orcs) and the Bloody Apple. The Lo'Kee unit, and the Drow Trio in particular, achieve great success holding a line against a goblin army by this time.
  • (2421 a.a.H.) First violent religious demonstrations in Negeémiliel between believers of Jabharil, Goddess of Love and Fertility, and Negeé, Goddess of War. Lo'Kee's unit assigned to the city to help control street violence. Milvais begins her career of capturing criminals, particularly Fanatics of Jabharil, to enslave for her family's income.

Temple of Doom GarrisonEdit

  • (2422 a.a.H.) Xuunera Lo'Kee becomes Captain of the Guard of the Temple of Doom. This is partially a reward for suppressing disorder and fighting the Cult of the Flower. Milvais continues her 'crime fighting career'.
  • (2424 a.a.H.) The Drow Trio are ordered to invade a newly installed Temple of Jabharil, and kill most of the inhabitants in an illegal action ordered by the High Sorceress Khariel Baener. High Sorceress Khariel, of the Temple of Doom, assassinated soon after in response. Most of the Acolytes on duty are beaten by the assassin Jamal. For this failure, Lo'Kee and her unit are exiled and put on 'punitive' postings at the borders.

Exile AssignmentsEdit

Dancing with the axe by shabazik-d4b1car

Milvais showing off her acrobatics while fighting a Nortunk Dwarf on a caravan raid

(2424-2425 a.a.H.) Campaigns against the Dwarfs of NortunkEdit

The Drow Trio participate in raids on dwarven caravans, and the capture and enslavement of dwarven traders. Milvais is particularly eager and even cruel in this assignment. She is noted for having fought and captured a dwarf fighter woman and mocked her for probably being doomed to be sacrificed to Negeé the Drow goddess of war.

(2426 a.a.H.) Campaigns Against Wild ElvesEdit

The unit traveled all the way south of Negeémi lands and to the surface to repel Wild elf invaders in Negeémi surface possessions in Zarhuy. The wild elves are easily defeated, captured insurgents are hanged.

(2427 a.a.H.)The OutpostEdit

Assignment was to toll passages, and to keep caverns clear and safe of tribes of black orc deserters and goblins. The three were based in an outpost, that was a former tolling station set up by the black orc deserters years earlier before they were ousted by Negeémi acolytes. It was a small 'bare bones' fortified village which was used for trade, often of the illegal variety. The Drow Trio were barracked together under tight quarters along with Achie Ach'hast, and Laeh'le Dahl'Arak.

Enslavement by DwarvesEdit

In 2427 a.a.H., after settling in to the cramped confines of their quarters, going on patrol, and serving as guards in the outpost, the Drow Trio encountered the dwarven merchant known as Roothar the Slaver. At the time, he was selling two women, a Hebonnor mountain elf, and a Drow; these two women were Neroe Rhedyn and Maylara Maltree. The Drow Trio were annoyed at this spectacle, not because of itself, as slavery is quite pervasive in the Negeémiliel city state, (and Milvais Zisrith had profited considerably from it), but in that a drow--woman--was being sold by a male dwarf! Doubtlessly, this annoyed the acolytes, particularly in that they had been acting as raiders capturing dwarven traders just two years before.

Drow Slavers by Shabazik

The Drow Trio arrogantly try to rob and enslave Roothar the Slaver

Also, the acolytes were bored and annoyed at lack of opportunities in the outpost. The Acolytes were struck by the wealth of Roothar, and wanted to appropriate it for themselves, and capture Roothar as well. The principal motivation of the acolytes was greed, but there was also the justification that Roothar was acting illegally, but the Drow Trio didn't want their officer (probably their captain, Xuunera Lo'Kee, or perhaps her lieutenant), from getting her officer's share of the loot.

Speculation: There is some confusion in that selling of slaves was illegal in the outpost, as Negeémi Slave Commission rules require slaves to be sold in certain places under the authority of the slave commission, but Roothar would likely not be acting so brazenly? It's possible that he had already paid the required bribe to an acolyte officer for his action? Quite possibly to Captain Lo'Kee herself?

Capture by Roothar the SlaverEdit

In any event, Ivoÿn Cheylrra had the idea of waylaying Roothar outside of the outpost where no one could see the event and arrest and rob him, and perhaps to turn him over to their officer for his illegal activity. If he was sold as a slave, they would share a small amount of money from that as well. It's also possible that they only intended to rob him had he paid the necessary bribes, and to not call attention to their taking his money? It is known that, if he wasn't paying bribes at this time, Roothar would make sure to do so in the future.

But getting stopped by the Drow Trio was not on Roothar's agenda. The Drow Trio were careless in approaching him, even though they had surprised him. Ivoÿn Cheylrra carried chains to bind him, and Milvais Zisrith had a crossbow trained on him, but when he attacked, Milvais's shot failed to strike him, and Quilintha Quarra's short sword strikes failed to get through his armor. Roother defeated the three just by using his armored body and then captured and bound them.

Journey into Deep ZarhuyEdit

Welcome to slavery by Shabazik

The Drow Trio after being taken to Farian Dwarf territory and sold at auction. They meet the friendly Fluffy the Pet Elf

The Drow Trio were added to Roothar's caravan, and taken through the underworld of Kazrrad out of the continent of Aels, under the sea bottom of the Sea of Caritz, and to the surface of the southern continent of Zarhuy. They were sold by Roothar the Slaver in a surface world dwarven market in Faria, in northern Zarhuy to the Wrall and Son Stone Trade Company. They then began a long journey that would take them down most the length of the southern continent of Zarhuy which ended in Thilien, a land controlled by the High elves of Vanilion. The trade circuit of the Wrall and Son Co. took two years to complete, given the travel distance, the frequent stops at many different markets and towns along the way, and travel preparations for the trade caravan.

The Drow Trio would experience great despair as the land changed to hostile desert, making escape unwise and a return home all but impossible. Indeed, once when the caravan was stopped at a market for trade and resupply for some days, Quilintha Quarra broke her chains and escaped briefly. With freedom, she would face the hunger and exposure of the desolate wilderness, and potential death by the Loranor cat people. She learned a hard lesson in that her training had limits and her inexperience and ignorance of a hostile surface made escape dangerous. Despite the decades of training and experience, they had become institutionalized to the Acolyte system, and not psychologically well equipped to face a hostile world themselves.

The drow women would learn much of a swath of a continent as they traveled through unknown lands filled with strange peoples and cultures that they had never seen before. While they had encountered Sand elfs and Wild elfs before in the pockets of Negeémi Zarhuyan land they had patrolled and fought in before, they knew very little apart from patches of land in northern Zarhuy. They had never known of dark skinned humans, or understood much of human culture and varied religions. They were surprised by the size of the huge Antorian Orcs, who were almost the size of the rare and primitive ogres that they knew to exist in their home continent of Aels.

I m tired by shabazik-d38l93h

The Drow Trio Needed to Act as Porters in the Caravan. Fluffy the Pet Elf in the Foreground

Occupations as SlavesEdit

All three of the women were required to walk the thousands of kilometers into the deep interior of the Zarhuy continent, and through the arid scrubland of Antor. The great beasts such as the Dragonids were to put their strength into hauling the wagons and loads of goods to be traded at posts along the way. Almost all of the slaves were expected to walk, and to act as porters for a share of the goods as well. Later on, the three former Acolytes were cleaned up, given silk brief tunics, and trained to be attendants to a pleasure slave.

The three had some specific roles as well: Quilintha Quarra was meant to serve as a scout alongside Fluffy the Pet Elf, wearing a similar slave uniform. It was meant to be sort of a joke based on the women's varied coloring. Although Quilintha was too rebellious to be truly given much freedom to act with that sort of responsibility. Eventually Quilintha was forced to concede that escape was unlikely and unadvisable, and began to cooperate much more.

Milvais spent some time as a gladiator in some makeshift fighting pits. She did quite well, under the fighter name of "The Black Sun". Unfortunately, her pride prevented her from throwing matches, costing her master Wrall (jr.) in losses where he expected to cheat for winnings. Milvais would be beaten and humbled in the ring by an Antorian Orc fighter and then hauled off bound on a pole for further punishment. It was indeed a humiliating experience that she did not soon shake off.

Mr wrall and 126 by shabazik-d38lbqb

Ivoÿn and her Dwarven master, Mr. Wrall (jr.) in front of a human mosque in Plains of Antor

Ivoÿn found that her ready wit seemed to have little outlet as a slave, which remained low, even compared to her companions. In part, despite a soldier's career, she was physically the most frail of the three, and her dwarven master was hoping to sell her as a luxury slave. She did manage to speak with her master and came to a 'deal' with him, where he promised to keep the three as part of the trade caravan and return them near the Negeémiliel state for ransom. This promise was just wind that was meant to get the three recalcitrant Drow to cooperate. The false hope succeeded in that, allowing them to begin training to become luxury slaves; maids for a concubine.

Captured by Antorian OrcsEdit

One night, just shortly before the Drow Trio would have been sold as pleasure slaves along with the half succubus concubine that they had been trained to serve as a packaged deal, the caravan was attacked by a handful of Antorian Orc Warg riders. The Drow Trio, along with their concubine mistress, and Fluffy the Pet Elf were locked in a wagon. The wagon's door was bashed open, and an orc rider peered into the wagon, broke the wooden plank with the ring connecting the chain of the slaves, and escaped with all the slaves except for the half succubus concubine. The rider and his cohorts disappeared before the caravan defenses could mount a significant counterforce, the missing slaves entered onto the 'Loss Column' of dwarven accounting.

Don t crush my hand by shabazik-d3930bx

Captives of the Antorian Orcs. The Drow Trio encounter The Immortal Shaman, who frees them from their chains, but frightening them much. Particularly Milvais

The four slaves were taken to a large orc village before the shaman. The Drow Trio were much afraid, and Milvais in particular was sure that they were about to be sacrificed. She had taunted dwarfs before with such a fate as she had captured some dwarf prisoners some three years before, now it seemed that she was about to die at the hands of orcs. As it turned out, they merely had their chains broken by the long lived orc known as The Immortal Shaman.

Fluffy's MarriageEdit

As events unfolded, it was revealed that they had been captured by a minor orc warlord known as Mataelfo Wargh, and taken to a major Antorian Orc village known as Brukkuthuz. The orc warrior had known Fluffy from years earlier when she was the slave of his family, the 'Pet Elf'. He captured her to reclaim her for himself, and to marry her as Mataelfo had great attraction for her despite being other races. The Drow Trio were captured simply by accident as they were all chained together, though it likely made the feat of stealing these slaves from the dwarven caravan seem all the more impressive.

The Drow Trio became Fluffy's bridesmaids and servants. A story was told that their dark skin meant that they were poisonous, protecting them from the appetites of the orcs. Following the wedding after some period of time of days or a few weeks, Mataelfo, together with his bride and the three drow elves, left Brukkuthuz for a small village that Mataelfo served as a leader.

01 gals we have a problem by shabazik-d3c9bb9

Laundry was one of the girls' chores in the orc village

Dangers of the WildernessEdit

While Fluffy might have been quite willing to free the three lost drow, being isolated in the wilderness, with potentially hostile orcs and dangerous wildlife and harsh climes made leaving too dangerous. Also, there was no one who might help them, or no way of getting back home except by walking, a very hazardous thing, with no caravan to be part of. So the three drow continued to act as general orc slaves doing little jobs for Fluffy and the community until they could at least get some serious supplies and a way out of local orc territory so they wouldn't be hunted down by Wargs.

The Orc KillersEdit

After some time, some weeks certainly, a large group of elves known as Orc Killers entered the area, killing orc guards for the village and setting up an attack. The Orc Killers are representatives of various Wild elf tribes, that are banded together to combat the Antorian Orcs, usually by terrorist raiding tactics. The orc village might have been a target anyway, though a small village, it was 'militarized' in that it had Mataelfo living there along with his cohort of warg riders, and the village was secure with a palisade. However, despite the warriors, the Orc Killers were far too numerous and well deployed to fail in substantively carrying out their raid.

The actual target was Fluffy, as due to the wild rumors of the wedding, they had mistakenly interpreted her as some new Orc Queen rising up to unite the orc tribes and to threaten the plains elves again. Hence, they attacked the village, with Fluffy being a primary target, despite her being an elf. Likewise, the Drow Trio were secondary targets, the Drow Trio fought hard and well in deadly fashion against these ill trained and not well disciplined wild elf warriors, and succeeded in escaping by floating down the Shaa River or Shaa River tributary with a laundry basket. The three had hoped to swim across the river, Quilintha being a strong swimmer, but in the end, the river was too strong and they were carried down the river for a long ways.

Rescue by the White Hermit Belád BonceduilEdit

Stuck in the SaahdonsEdit

The force of the Shaa River would carry the drow trio many kilometers. How far is unknown, but the three were too exhausted from trying to escape the river to do anything more than to remain clinging together and above water with the aid of the laundry basket. The river widened into an enormous delta land, of swamps and little islands of mud, known as the Saahdons. The three drow were able to finally leave the water as the flow slowed greatly, and they crawled onto a tiny islet to rest and recuperate from their many hours on the river.

They then tried to leave the tiny mudbar, but found that they were unable to make much progress on foot as so much of the ground was water saturated and unstable. The three would become stuck in the mud, and gradually their weight and struggles caused them to settle deeper into the muck. After a day of struggling to find their way, and then getting progressively deeper stuck, Quilintha began screaming for help, this brought forth a High elves man who inhabited the swamp known as the 'White Hermit' named Belád Bonceduil who was passing within hearing distance of the three on his river canoe. With a great deal of effort, and working through hours into the night with robes and tackle, he was able to pull the three out of the swamp one by one. He would leave one on a swamp islet and then go to rescue the remainder until he managed to finally free Quilintha. They were then taken to Belad's 'hermit' retreat on one of the more stable swamp islands.

You are wasting good food by shabazik-d45kxm1

The Drow Trio with their benefactor, Belád Bonceduil

The White Hermit's StoryEdit

An interesting development was that the White Hermit was able to speak Negeémi drow which he had begun to exercise increasingly in the development of the rescue. The Drow Trio were uncertain if they could trust their benefactor as they found him strange and suspicious in that he was an elven man who could speak their language to a fair degree. Nor was Belád Bonceduil certain as to what to do with the three as he didn't trust them either or Drow in particular. He had bad experience with Negeémi drow before and may have considered their presence more than a coincidence. Despite the effort he had spent to rescue the three stuck drow, he thought of killing them as they slept, but resolved to let them live.

Later they revealed to him the circuitous misadventure that led them to his doorstep in the Saahdons. The White Hermit revealed to the Drow Trio that he had once came to Kazrrad, and then Negeémiliel, some sixty-four or so years earlier. looking for his lost daughter Sarinee Bonceduil, and then revenge for her, as she had been sacrificed as a foreign criminal in the Temple of Doom. His efforts at vengeance had come to nothing, and he had been captured, tortured and enslaved in this city of the drow. Ironically, for an escape attempt, he was set to be sacrificed as well, but managed to escape the temple and eventually both Negeémiliel and Kazrrad as well.

Journey BackEdit

Refugees of ViolenceEdit

The White Hermit had an assistant known as Hastur the Lame, who had been gone on a trading mission along the Shaa River. He had returned asking permission for some refugees to stay on the Hermit's refuge for a time. He also informed the White Hermit that he had succeeded in his mission to locate Hastur's lost 'niece' Naemae the Younger, who was actually Fluffy the Pet Elf. With their shared joy, and Hastur's withholding specifics, the White Hermit gave permission and didn't learn that the refugees were Antorian Orcs!


The drow trio were overjoyed to see that their friend Fluffy was still alive and well. Although the presence of a dozen or more orcs put nearly everyone on edge, not least of which the White Hermit. He decided that it was time to leave, he had intended to wait for the proper caravan season and start the drow trio out on their trip home, but decided instead to take them there himself. Getting away from the orcs not the least of his motivations, personal concerns probably another.

Saying their goodbyes to Fluffy, using two little canoes, the White Hermit and the Drow Trio journeyed deep into, and through, the Saahdons swamp, and to the Blazakhov outpost of Kumaradi in the outer delta where ocean going trading ships could dock. The White Hermit bought Muslim themed clothes for the drow girls, so as they would be covered enough to appear human and could be presented as relations for his identity as "Akbar the Small", an ostensibly human merchant. Also, fortunately, a friend of the White Hermit's was in port, Omar, a ship's captain, who would take them on the voyage back to the continent of Aels


The Drow Trio were quite bored with all of this. Drow women are not meant to portray shy, Muslim women. Indeed, they would manage to seduce at least one other woman on board during the trip, and arouse the suspicions of Captain Omar leading to a new explanation from the White Hermit in his guise as 'Akbar' that they were half Im'Salanos, a race of half elf / Kanov, who were reasonably common.

Even so, the drow trio would soon erode the illusion even more, buying revealing 'harem' clothes in the port of Moh'Handinké. They would also meet the fellow drow Shazeer'ah, a sword dancer, there as well. They would also demonstrate their drow prowess by defeating a small gang of thieves that sought to steal or kidnap them. There were no repercussions from this, but the White Hermit was not happy at the new clothes, nor was he pleased about the presence of Shazeer'ah who boarded the ship with them, as she intended to go to Negeémiliel as well. The presence of a fourth drow made his cover story seem all the more a fabrication as it was.

The girls were anxious to return home, but also somewhat regretful of leaving this new surface world behind. The often pensive and uncertain Quilintha especially was torn between a fresh life on the surface or returning to Kazrrad and the people there who mattered to her.


The drow trio reached Aels at the port of Zannas, but not the Zannas as it previously was. The previous year, city had been utterly devastated by an earthquake and sacking and burning by a massive army of Kanovs from Gorbegea. The port was still functioning, but the ruins were a far cry from the city as it was, a herald that in the two years that they'd been gone, things had changed even in the world long known to them.

Once again, the White Hermit would do what he could to dress the drow trio to minimize their presence, and they joined a trading caravan, along with Shazeer'ah. The local Principality was a real mess in a state of civil war due to the aftermath of chaos caused by a natural disaster and an army of barbarians ravaging the land and upsetting the old order. Petty armies of petty warlords abounded, with bandits and slavers quite common as a result.

The drow trio and Shazeer'ah would have some bored hijinks with each other on their journey, and even have some careless fun with local people as they passed through the land, heading into the Nohalion Mountains. It's believed that the caravan, and a later caravan venturing into the underground of Kazrrad may have ran into some adventures along the way.

Current StatusEdit

The Drow Trio, Belád Bonceduil and Shazeer'ah arrived in Negeémiliel in 2429. Specifics that are canon to the "Drow Trio" story are not yet known. The results of a military review on the drow trio, Milvais's lover Talice, and the White Hermit's quest, and the Drow Trio defeating Jamal are still to be seen.