The Dumian-Demon Wars was a series of wars fought between the Empire of the Librarians of Dume -and later, the Northern and Southern halves of it- against the early Dark Legion of Demons, since the Apparition of Demons, at the 1.365 a.a.H to the Fall of Dume at the 1.676 a.a.H., thought contemporary accounts only speak of a proper Demon-Dumian war at the 1.400 a.a.H

Being the first significative conflict between demons and humans, it was a predecesor to the Wars of the Power, and some historians actually this should be considered the First War of the Power, but this is a discussed position.

As result of the Dumian-Demon Wars, the Dumian Empire will be divided in two halves at the 1.486, and the northern Half will fall at 1.676 a.a.H, while the southern half will become the Unlic Empire of Uslen. The Kanov Vakkusta Empire will be destroyed as well, result of the demonic wars.

The Fall of the Northern Dumian and the Vakkusta empires will mean a rise of the humans and Kanovs of the Barlans and the northwest of Aels, who filled the vacuum of power.

While succesful in defeating the Dumian, the early Dark legion suffered too heavy casualties and dependend too heavily on allied and federated, and despise their victory, with the rise of Weseringian humans, Barlani Kanovs and interests of the Unlic to reconquer the fallen Dume, they will retreat to Polforia to reorganize and strengthem themselves.

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