The EIL -acronymous for Loranor Independent States- was a faction of Loranor that secessionated from the Norodor Empire, being many of their forefathers Artificial Loranor -Cat People Clones-, thought by the time the EIL claimed independence, most of the inhabitants of the secessionist Loranor States where natural born.



In the Norodor Empire, most of the population is compossed of humans -about an 89% of the population-, there existed an aierian non-human population that compossed up to the 10% of the population of the empire: this was both because of original non-human aierian colonists, and due clonation, as the Emperor Go'Ku Mo I wanted to use the superior-than human abilities of non-humans for his armed forces and colonization of new worlds, being a politic of the first emperor the clonation of non-human aierian aside of clonation of humans.

In the world of Ots, an important part of the population of Artificial Loranor was set on the northwest of the Norodor Empire, where they settled, worked on the farmlands and raised families in the provinces named as Loddols, Meowia and Purrsia.

While the Artificial Loranor, it was conditioned to serve, live and die for the Emperor, and the educative system as well tried to teach the younglings in the same way, as the childs of the first cloned cat-people had cubs on their own, they will began to preceive how the empire made them bleed for their own glory, while being ruled by outsiders and humans, but only as due migration to "Neu Ruhenia", arrived many inmigrants of several origins:

The White PawEdit

Many of these inmigrants cuestioned the autorithy of the Empire, and while the Loranor of Norodor first didn't gave ears to these complains, as the corrupt local authorities granted lands they have colonized and put into production to humans, desplazing them again to the wild borderlands of the Empire, a malcontent among the Nodorian Loranors raised, to the point that was created a secret organization -the White Paw-, to fight for the rights of the Nodorian Loranors, during the early 3360's.

As situation in the northern provinces of Nodoror worsened, so it was as well the disdain of Imperial authorities to the Loranor, and of the Loranor to the severe impositions that they have to fullfil for the glory of the empire, with extended periods of military service and heavy work, without a land or home they could call their own.

That's why when the provincial government of "Neu Ruhenia" collapsed the 3368, claiming several states independence from the Norodor Empire, the Loranor of the northern provinces, and the White Paw, remained observant.

As the situation worsened, becoming in a full-out factions war in the 3369 a.a.H, the Northern Ots War (3369-3374), the Nodorian autorities attempted to order a mass movilization of the Loranor, to supress the rebelion. This situation was at first passively resisted, and while with delays, the Nodorian Loranor Divisions where finally deployed in the conflict:

Once more time, the Loranor where bleeding to fight the wars of their human masters, and the often corrupt or negligent imperial officers that lead the Nodorian war efforts on the North will waste the lifes of their soldiers and material, will make the morale of the Loranor Nodorian forces to drop.

Declaration of IndependenceEdit

With the Loranor population affected by the war, the ethnic cleanings, their own soldiers fighting far away in the front while their homes where sacked by their presunted allies, the situation was seen as favorable by the White Paw to declare the "Independence of all Loranor, Biological or Artificial, of the denigrant servitude to the Empire". Rather than at first a secession, it was a call of rebellion: a call of rebellion that was still largely unheard by many of the population, who doubted in opening revolting against the Emperor.

But as the Emperor, annoyed by the news of the White Paw Proclamation, send the Imperial Guard to violently reprime the Loranor rebels in the three Loranor provinces; the violent repression will effectively make many join the rebels: And so by the 3370 a.a.H, was finally decided by the directives of the White Paw to declare the Independence of the EIL: Loranor Independent States. This new nation didn't had national borders or citizens at first -claiming that the three Loranor Provinces were it's territories, and all the Loranor, it's citizens-, and soon the EIL rebels, while professional former-imperial soldiers, that had keep a significative portion of equipment from their time as Nodorian soldiers, began to run out of supplies, equipment and personel: So while they where supported in secret by the EUS (United States of Spotzen), their territory will be occupied, needing the EIL forces to began a guerrilla warfare, while the EIL government went in exile to the EUS, to gain political and supplies support, aside of founds for the rebellion, and maybe even to get the chance to set bases -or even settle a world- for the EIL.

With the Northern Ots War ending at the 3374 with the consolidation of the dissolution of the former northern provinces of the Norodor Empire into a puzzle of states, the province of Loddols -inhabited by Loranor- remained however under Imperial rule, but having reached a compromise with the Loranor for further autonomy in Purrsia and Meowia -being created the Autonymous Loranor Provinces Government, GPAL-.

The EIL and the GPAL governments keep then working as paralel organizations, existing some conflictivity, along with the presence of badly seen Nodorian forces stationed within the Autonymous Loranor provinces.

Because of this, the EIL will be one of the original founding members of the ENA -Non-Alligned States- at the 3384, a cohalition EUS-led of nations to oposse the rising Nutkian and Nodorian powers.

With patronage of the EUS, they where able to set colonies and bases in several Spotzen colony worlds, raising as well a regular army and space-navy -aside of the EIL controlled militias in the Loranor Autonymous Provinces- in the colony of Kunineko.

Pohlanka: The EIL and the KatarrEdit

When the Pohlanka Star System (122) was discovered by Spotzen explorers, and the Katarr -Otsarian Loranor- inhabiting the second planet of the system (Panchuix, 122.2), it was given as mission by the ENA to the EIL to bring this planet -and it's population- to the side of the ENA for the incoming war: And so, the EIL forces -Aierian Loranor-, will proceed with these attempts at the 3388.

The Aierian Loranor -Biological and Human- will then be succesful in possitionating themselves as the rulers of the world of Panchuix: a minoritary group -an oligarchy- that had control of the firepower and economy, and who was tasked by the EUS to industrialize Panchuix and "civilize" their inhabitants, for them to support the ENA war support for the incoming total war that approached: the Nebulosa of Ots War (3391-3441).

The Nebula of Ots War and the EIL role on itEdit

The EIL sided with the Alliance against the Empires, and soon the Loranor Autonymous Province on the planet Ots will become a battlefield: while at first the irregular local EIL formations where defeated, the arrival of the EIL armies, along with a coordinated allied offensive will be able to seize all the territories claimed by the EIL, to finally have in their power the claimed "Loranor Homeland" at the 3394.

As the war continued, the now Loranor "metropolis" in Ots began to request -at instances of Spotzen- more an more to the Pohlanka colonies -not limited anymore to Panchuix, but as well the other two worlds that have been settled under EIL rule-.

This situation will last until the 3420, when the three worlds of Pohlanka claimed their independence from the EIL after a coup d'etat done by the Clans of Panchuix, reason why it received as a name the government of the Otsarian Loarnors Panchuixclans -or Panchuixclan-, who seized the oportunity of the distance of the main armies of the EIL, fighting in the Great War,

This would be however in the end only a political movement thought, as quick Panchuixclan will join the EIL, but now as a memberstate along with Loddols, Meowia and Purrsia. Later, to have an equivalence on votes from the Otsarian and Aierian Loranor, it will be granted membership as states of the EIL to the worlds of Jaguaria and Pohlanka, who where Panchuixclan satellites.

Because of some conflicts with the DSC, the EIL will be dragged by Panchuixclan to the Calintropian-Panchuixclan War (3423) and the Seven Fleets War (3427-3432), meaning this late conflict a great loss of the EIL, lossing not only the three planets -Pohlanka, Panchuix and Jaguaria-, but as well key fleets, armies and resources they needed in the Great War, rather than a secondary conflict.

Political AdministrationsEdit

The EIL -until the Calintropian-Panchuixclan War and the Seven Fleets War- was compossed of seven member states:

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