Erehel-Sinu was a city in the underworld of Kazrrad, in southeastern Aels, located under the Unholy Mountain of Hortann. Founded circa the 11.700 Before the apparition of humanity, it was one of the eldest Drow cities, and for long time was one of the larger and more powerful drow civilizations, being the hegemonic drow power from the 4.000 b.a.H until the 1.000 a.a.H. however their hegemony in the underworld of Kazrrad slowly declined, until the descendants of one of their colonies, Negeémiliel, forced them to become an allied/vassal state to their own empire.

Affected by The Cataclysm, the city will be largely destroyed and later abandoned.

An inhabitant of Erehel-Sinu was called an Erehel, as was their language.

It was one of the Thirteen Drow Cities.


Government and PoliticsEdit

During their long history, Erehel-Sinu saw many different forms of government, being an empire, having an absolute queen, being a theocracy under the rule of the priestesses of Lolh and as well having a Negeémi-style republic, being one of their more representative and long lasting governments the city being ruled by feuding noble houses, ruled by priestesses.

As well, due to their location under the Unholy Mountain of Hortann, they will as well be very directly related to the Demons, taking part of the Dark Legion.


Erehel-Cinu lies in a huge cavern, beneath what will later become the Hellforge of Hortann. This cavern includes some major bodies of water, having some underground lakes. Much of this cavern had important amounts of lichens, fungi and edible mushrooms, being one of the reasons of the original early settlement in this cavern.




The city was around 70.000 drow during the Middle Human Age of Hegemony, meanwhile the total population of the City-State was about 225.000.

Aside of their ruling drow population, it was inhabited by Bugbears, Demons, Goblins, Illithids, Trolls, Vampires and others.



To foreigners visiting Erehel-Sinu, the city can be quite a maze, as their buildings are alien and strangely disturbing, their streets narrow and crooked.


Cult of Lolh