Farkrast T.E.R.R.A. (Territory of Excessive Risk of Radioactivity Accumulation) is an alienated area of 3,000 square kilometers, located in the North-Eastern part of Farkrast region, bordering with the Farkrast forest in Karēlistiya and is including the now partially abandoned cities of Svaartibil and Mennerilsaa, along with several smaller villages around them.

History Edit

During The War of Lies, North Karēlistiya witnessed many of the fiercest battles of the military conflict. On June 27th, 3444, during one such campaign, WK.CORP armed forces opened fire on the already partially melt-down Karēlistiya Nuclear Facility in Farkrast while retreating, thus triggering the Karēlistiya Nuclear Facility meltdown.

The initial death toll was estimated at about 100 people, but, despite the quick reaction from the first firefighting brigade, which was working side by side with the Farkrast Radiological Emergency Department (F.R.E.D.), the situation gradually worsened. As the F.R.E.D. operatives were assessing the situation from inside the facility's reactor and preparing to extinguish the flames, the damaged reactor building's roof collapsed and fell down on the exposed reactor core, pushing it down deeper to the lower levels of the reactor's cooling system, melting the steel-reinforced concrete floor that separated the reactor core from the water cooling pump station. As a result, a second explosion broke out shortly after the radioactive lava came in touch with the water flow, killing the entire firefighter brigade and leaving only three of F.R.E.D. shiks alive, although severely wounded.

The explosion leveled almost five square kilometers, not leaving any chance for the residents of the nearest settlements to save themselves, and the death toll increased to 30,000 by the fourth day of the accident.

The Evacuation.

Becoming severely contaminated by radiation from the fallout, the nearest surviving settlements around the Karēlistiya Nuclear Facility were declared to have been rendered uninhabitable, and were evacuated. However, due to an unforeseen radioactivity-mutated bacteria outbreak, its 2,000,000-people-large population of North Karēlistiya were forced to relocate to the uncontaminated neighboring countries and cities.

The process of the evacuation would take at least a month, even by mobilizing transport from other near cities and countries of Jaunā Zeme. During the following month, about 75,000 North Karēlistiya inhabitants died from acute radiation sickness while waiting in line to be evacuated, and about 200,000 had fallen seriously ill. The issue of the Jaunā Zeme transport being needed for other war-related purposes elsewhere made the evacuation process difficult. A state-wide state of emergency was declared, and a large part (almost 800,000) of North Karēlistiya inhabitants were forced to take refuge in the Farkrast Underground - initially as a temporary solution, but later, as the mutant bacteria epidemic was still persisting, the refugees used the Farkrast Underground system to create settlements for an indefinite time.

The evacuation managed to save only about 700,000 people; the rest would either refuse to leave the contaminated land, or made by the authorities to stay in the contaminated area in order to not to spread the contamination further beyond the borders.

Farkrast TERRA today Edit

Today, Farkrast Territory of Excessive Risk of Radioactivity Accumulation is a strictly prohibited 3,000 square kilometer large zone of deteriorating cities, villages and towns, which are slowly reclaimed by nature.

Flora and fauna

The plant and animal wildlife has suffered greatly in the accident, as the radioactive bacteria has altered their DNA in a rapid and uncontrollable way, creating grotesque mutants, which have decreased lifespan and being generally inferior to their non-mutant counterparts. Due to the fact that some of these mutations cause the animals excessive pain (a very prominent example is the mutations of the limb joints), they are often aggressive and are ready to attack on sight, regardless of the allegiance of their opponent (recent studies of mutant wolf cubs show that such mutants often slaughter their own siblings and parents).

The plant wildlife is gradually reclaiming the abandoned cities, towns and villages, turning them into almost surreal-looking greenhouses. However, it is now officially proven that such "greenhouses" create the best conditions for the mutated bacteria to thrive.

Remaining settlers

The individuals, who refused to evacuate, or who have been restricted to leave by force, are leading a hunter-gatherer-like lifestyle, mostly living off the contaminated land and hunting less-contaminated wild animals. These individuals often form groups of about ten people, and are constantly on the move; either to follow the packs of game animals, or to salvage left-behind belongings for their own needs. Similarly to the mutated animals, these "nomads" as they call each other, also display more or less severe mutation symptoms, which, unlike those of the mutated fauna, on a few occasions grant the mutated individual special abilities. As well, the nomads can be aggressive, and it is told they are especially hostile to Kasparov CIA and WK.CORP representatives. There have been reports of Kasparov CIA and WK.CORP members being found brutally slain and robbed of their inner organs; most likely to be used by the nomads themselves to patch up their own illness-corrupted bodies.

The Purge of the Nomads.

In a desperate attempt to limit the disappearances and slaughter of their men, a new tactic was necessary to limit and to lower the nomad shik activity in the contaminated land in order to restore it - or to lock it down for good. Such a tactic was to use a special intergalactic radiological rehabilitation program as a cover-up for an operation to load the entire population of TERRA nomad Shiks (estimated at 150,000 people) onto ExODUS spacecrafts and launching them in open space, away from the public eye and from the contaminated lands on Jaunā Zeme. Even if something would happen to the spacecrafts, the corrupt JZCC would simply blame it on meteor belts, black holes and space pirates. As a response, a lot of nomad shiks were forced to escape from TERRA; often illegally, and to find their ways in a bigger metropolis, where they could blend with the crowd and eventually start a new life - something which happened very seldom due to the trail of contamination, left by these nomads. Their presence in the often disturbingly clean centers of metropolises would more often than not upset the dosimeters positioned in the city, and, after finding the cause, the police would hand off the refugees to JZCC, which always ended in the decommissioning of this unlucky nomad shik individual. Other nomad shiks set out to look for help from other parties, but with nothing more to offer in exchange than total devotion to their cause, a loyalty to the grave, and then some, and a fiery hatred against Kasparov CIA, most of the time, these vengeful shiks were turned down and ordered to look for the purpose of their miserable lives elsewhere.

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