The Fifty Years War, also known as the Nebula War, Ots War or Nebulosa of Ots War, was a nebular war that lasted from 3391 to 3441 a.a.H, altought related conflicts began earlier. It involved the vast majority of the Nebulosa of Ots human nations -inclding all of the great powers-, eventually forming two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Empires. It was the most widespread war in Ostarian history, being as well the largest, deadliest conflict in recorded otsarian history.

Chronology Edit

  • 3391    Beginning of the Nebulosa of Ots war, that will be a conforntation between the Allies and the Empires. The war begin with the invasion of the Norodor Empire to the Alianza Goffyca in Ots. (Ots VII)                   
  • 3391    Norodor Empire supress violently the secessionists of Svaddia. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3391    In the deep space, the LCP invade and conquer several imperial systems, poorly guarded and garrisoned, which will be one of the first allied victories of the war.                      
  • 3391    Battle of Folsbury, allied victory. (Ots VII)                       
  • 3392    Battle of Suredek allied victory. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3392    Batttle of Kuekker, imperial victory. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3392    Beginning of the First Battle of Spramuska. (Ots VII)                     
  • 3392    Battle of Norodor, imperial victory. (Ots VII)                         
  • 3392    Second battle of Folsbury, allied victory. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3392    End of the Battle of Svaddia, Imperial victory. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3393    Campaign of the deep space. Norodor Empire and EUN seize back the lost deep colonies, defeating the LCP militias.                      
  • 3393    RFB enter in the Nebulosa of Ots war, supporting the Allies. As answer, Nortenz joins the Empires, which cause a major escalation of the war.                      
  • 3393    End of the First Battle of Spramuska, allied victory. (Ots VII)                       
  • 3394   Battle of the Greenplains, Imperial victory. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3394    Beginning of the Second Battle of Spramuska. (Ots VII)                       
  • 3394    ENA attacks and destroys the Super-fortress Cronos III, one of the largest battle space stations human-Otsarian created, from the Norodor Empire.                       
  • 3394    Battle of Zawayikyik, in Spotzen. Imperial victory. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3394    Second battle of Norodor, allied victory. Upon this defeat, the Norodor Empire decide to abandone their possetions in Ots, and sells they territories -occupied by the allies- to the EUN. (Ots VII)               
  • 3394    Beginning of the large scale offensive of the RFB against Nortenz.
  • 3395    Kasmian and Folsbury, allied with the EAN. (Ots VII)                       
  • 3395    Kasmian invade east Otskold, conquering it. (Ots VII)                        
  • 3395    Ademic Utan marries with Marie Christine, heir princess of Nortenz. Nortenz-EAN alliance. 
  • 3397    Thanks to the support provided by the EAN, Nortenz, who had been to the brink of defeat, are able to reject the RFB offensive.                 
  • 3398    With the failed offensive of the RFB, the ENA shift alliances and join the  EAN against the RFB. Several systems of the RFB -from the former RFC- are invaded and conquered.                    
  • 3398    With the marriage by Drakkar to the Hannah Utan, sister of Ademic Utan, there is a royal union between the Empire of the Three Houses and the EAN.                      
  • 3402    RFB tries to take back the lost colonies to the Empires, but in the Battle of the RFC, the Federal Bazik Fleet is annihilated. It will take several years to the RFB to rebuild their fleet.        
  • 3405    Truce of Ots, signed between the Empires and the Allies. It's not an official end of war for the War of the Nebulosa of Ots, but a cease of fire that prolongued the Status Quo, situation used by both sides to rebuild and prepare their forces, because while the RFB and alliance had lost their space fleets, the Empires weren't able to use their superiority due the bad shape of their groundforces to continue the war. (Ots VII)     
  • 3407    The LCP Free colonies are expulsed of the ENA.                      
  • 3408   Expanssion of the EAN in the deep space, settling new colonies, as an attemp to prepare against the industrial, population and military might of the RFB.                     
  • 3409    Expansion of Spotzen in the deep space. Colonialist race with the Nutks, Norodor, the Alianza and the Free Colonies. To be more competitive, Spotzen make a privatization of the colonies, giving large powers to settle and

govern the colonies to megacorporations.                      

  • 3409    Secret Treaty of Hunubi, military alliance between the RFB and Spotzen. the RFB recogniced the dominion of Spotzen over the former RFC systems, in exchange of support of Spozten and the EAN when the hostilities of the Nebulosa of Ots War break again.                     
  • 3410    Beginning of the Anuchian War between the LCP Free Colonies and the EAN. The RFB supported in secret the LCP in this war, to test their new equipment, strategies and to wear the Nutks. However, the quick EAN victory would spoil the plans of the Federal Bazik government.                   
  • 3410    Spotzen and their colonies forms the United States of Spotzen, EUS. (Ots VII)  
  • 3411    Due the losses of the LCP Free colonies defeats against the EAN, and the RFB, fearing the defeat of the Bazik admiralty, claiming that the fleet still wasn't ready, the bulk of the RFB fleet is send to the system of Saya-Taya, along with the battleship corsair fleet of the LCP. Reanudation of the War of the Nebulosa of Ots, as the RFB broked the Truce of Ots. Defeat of the RFB Fleet in the Space battle of Saya-Taya, with their fleet being once more time annihilated by the Nutk imperial fleet. (Saya-Taya DZ)   
  • 3414    End of the the Anuchian War, and new cease of fire of the War of the Nebulosa of Ots, with the truce of Paternostria. EAN annex several of the Free Colonies of the LCP with Nutk population or significative minorities. As well, the Norodor Empire and Stornkold seize some territories. The RFB once more time suffered important losses in their fleet, but no territorial loss, and while their casualities where elevated, the nutk casualities where important and more difficult to replace. the EUS, despise the secret treaty with the RFB, didn't entered actively in the war, but used several proxy states and colonies to provide support, and hired and equiped mercenary forces to support the RFB and the LCP.                     
  • 3417    Under EAN support, Secession of several colonies of the EUS, who join the Galactic Union of Nations, creating the state of the DSC.                      
  • 3418    As an attemp to prepare for the next war with the RFB, Ademic Utan marries with the heir princess of the Auswelt.ICR. EAN-Auswelt.ICR royal union.                      
  • 3419    EAN makes public their knowledge of the Secret Treaty of Hunibi between the EUS and the RFB, and declare war to the EUS and the RFB, breaking the truce of Paternostria. Reanudation of the War of the Nebulosa of Ots. the EUS try as well to take back the lost colonies of the DSC, beginning the DSC war.                
  • 3420    Space Battle of Concepción, between the EUS and the DSC. The EUS have a phyrric victory, having lost about half of their space units of their Expeditionary force, so they decide to retreat, as this secondary war scenario was costing more than the EUS, fighting in the Nebulosa of Ots war, could afford.                    
  • 3422    Space Battle of Yusbeff, between the EAN and the RFB. While there was no clear victor and could be considered a draw, being the first mayor space battle of the war between nutks and baziks that didn't ended in a mayor defeat for the RFB, was proclaimed a victory for the RFB for propaganda reasons.   
  • 3423    Deep Space Battle of A223C, between the RFB and EAN. The RFB was able to destroy a EAN fleet, which was important help for the moral of the RFB space fleet, who still had a inferiority complex when facing the Nutks fleets. The nutks become more careful when dealing with the Bazik, as their invulnerability legend began to break.                      
  • 3424    Battle of Svear, a small EAN colony that Ademic Utan had choosen as secret refugee, after several attemps against his life. But as his wereabouts where discovered, the RFB tried to kill him, sending an assault force. Svear is destroyed, but Ademic Utan escape alive from the colony.                       
  • 3425    Begining of the Renovation of Spotzen, a movement to modernize and renew the EUS.                      
  • 3427   Beginning of the Seven Fleets War, between the DSC and Panchuixclan for a confusing militar incident. In response, the DSC attacked Pohlanka, capitol world of Panchuixclan, demanding reparations for the incident of the seven fleets.
  • 3428    Due the DSC attack on Pohlanka, Panchuixclan lay siege to one of the moons of Concepción  as retalation.  Space battle of Phalanea and Battle of Galanea, in which the RFB supports the DSC against Panchuixclan, during the Seven Fleets War. For their support, the DSC join the Allies against the Empires.   
  • 3428    Torn by agents of the Empires and the Allies, the LCP falls appart. Beginning of the LCP Civil War.                      
  • 3428    beginning of the Rebellion of the Clones. These Rebellions are instrumentalized by agents of the Empires and the Allies against their enemies.                  
  • 3429    Battle of Smoke Jaguar, in Panchuixclan territory, during the Seven Fleets War.                      
  • 3430    Operation Apocalipsis. The DSC, to finish the armed resistence of Panchuixclan, use extensively bio-chemical weapons during the Seven Fleets War.                   
  • 3430    The Celian Commonwealth become part of the RFB.                      
  • 3430    Secession of several colonies from the LCP.                      
  • 3431    Battle of Tutonia, Seven Fleets War.                      
  • 3431    Beginning of the Operation Anvil and Hammer, the largest scale invasion in history, prepared by the RFB and allies against the Empires. The idea was to attack first the colonies of the Empires, to destroy or capture them, before advancing to the core worlds of the Empires. Beginning of the final phase of the Nebulosa of Ots war.                     
  • 3432    Battle of Panchuixclan coup d'etat in Panchuixclan, end of the Seven Fleets War, DSC victory.                      
  • 3432    During the Operation Anvil and Hammer fall the Capitol System of the EAN, the System of Nueva Anuchia to the hands of the RFB. As well, most of the deep colonies of the nutks are conquered by the Allies -RFB, ENA, EUS and Alianza.- Soon, the industrial and mine centres of the EAN fall as well, as the Nutk resistence crumble, being attacked from several fronts.                                                                     
  • 3434   End of the Rebellion of the Clones.                      
  • 3434    With the Operation Anvil and Hammer completed, the RFB begin the Campaign of Ots. Reinforces of Auswelt.ICR, Stornkold and the Empire of Three Houses -all the Empires-, try to face the joint forces of the Allies: RFB, Alianza, EUS, ENA, the Galactic Union of Nations and other minor powers.                      
  • 3441   End of the Nebulosa of Ots War or Fifty Years War. The Empires are defeated, and many of their systems, planets and colonies are divided among the victors. The Empire of the three houses disband, the royal union between Nortenz, Auswelt.ICR and the EUN is broken, as is the EAN, divided once more time.Many new nations gain independence.

Background Edit


Pre-war events Edit

Colonial Expansion Edit

EUN, Norodor Empire.

Creation of the ENA (3384) Edit

Created by Spotzen, the Non-alligned States where to provide a third way to the minor powers caught between the colonial major powers: However, Spotzen operationalizes it as an alliance centered around Spotzen and their interests.

Utanism. Creation of the Autocratic Nutk State (3385) Edit

Traditionalist Nutk party centered around the Utan Clan seizes power in the Nutk Confederation, and Kalingia, while Thomas Utan, president of the EUN -Nutk Union- makes a self-coup d'etat. It's proclaimed the EAN -Autococratic Nutk State-. The Utanism it's a Nutk traditionalist, irredentists, nationalist and corporative movement that instaurates a totalitarian state.

RFB-Empire tensions (3389) Edit

RFB support to oppositors of the EAN. Proxy wars, War of Neu Bazikstan, terrorism campaigns along the EAN,

Course of the War Edit

War breaks in the Inner Core (3391) Edit

War breaks out in the Outer Core (3391-3392) Edit

War in Deep Space (3393) Edit

RFB attack on Nortenz (3393 - 3397) Edit

Truce of Ots (3405 - 3411) Edit

Anuchian War (3410-3414) Edit

Truce of Paternostria (3414) Edit

EAN attack on the EUS (3419) Edit

Deep Space Campaign (3422-3424) Edit

LCP Civil War (3428 - 3430) Edit

Operation Anvil and Hammer (3431 - 3434) Edit

Campaign of Ots (3434 - 3441) Edit

Empires collapse, Allied victory (3440 - 3441) Edit

Aftermath Edit


Impact Edit


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