Flairie tribeself by shabazik-d5olwu7

A Flairie Dark elf tribeswoman from the Alkoti Hillslands

F L A I R I E Pratum hyacinthis elvii

Race: Flairie

Class: Zuleis, Dark Elf

Species: Elf

Other names: Praerie Elves, Hills Elves, Highland elves, Steppes Elves, Unnlinne

Allegiance: Empire of Whide Axis

The Flairie are a race of Zuleis dark elves who lived in Aels.

Flairie DescriptionEdit

A small, blue skinned elf. The Flairie are technically another branch of Zuleis, and so, of the same family of the Hake elves.

However, the High elves classified them sometimes as "Light Elves", instead of "Dark Elves", when allied to the Flairie, or even better, when the Flairie were subjugated to them.

The Flairie have blue skin and hair from light to dark. They often seem to have hair of various shades of red.


The Flairie were differentiated from their Hake Elf siblings, because they were the Zuleis elves, that instead of migrating across Hieyoks to Ushaenor, they remained in Aels and the region of Polforia, and only migrated to the south when the climatic changes and Drow / Wollumis elf population movements forced them to migrate.

the "Flairies" -which means "Elves of the Plains"- didn't only lived in the plains -which explains names such as Highland elfs, Hill elfs- but they settled down in the south of Aels, as well in the north of the continent of Zarhuy.

After the wars with the Drow Empire (13.000 - 12.000 before the Apparition of Human), the Flairies acquired much material cultural developments from the drow empire ruins. While it will take some thousands of years to develop cities (3.500 b.a.H), slowly the Flairies became sedentary, farmers and cattle raisers.

Around the 2.500 b.a.H, during the Middle Elf Age, raised the first Flairie elf empires, of the Lantanian Empire and the Koyonkos City States, who for long will be faced against each other, the hills tribes of Flairie elves and as well, the Sylvan elf empires of Montthafen and Malvor.

From the conversion of the Lantanian to the religion of the Goddess of Water -originally from the Koyonkos- , both cultures founded in one, the Unnlinne civilization, around the 1.600 b.a.H.

They will live a golden age around the 1.500 b.a.H, being founded Titipopolis by the Unnlinne at the 1.450. Later, they began their expansion against the Beast Men lands, as the Unnlinne-Centaur wars, and their expansion in the Desert of Iperto.

However, the internal struggles between Unnlinne city states and wars weakened them, and when the High elves arrived they couldn't resist -and several Unnlinne cities allied with the Whide Axis-. At the 809 b.a.H, during the Late Elfic Age, began the annexation of the Unnlinne states to the High elves, being annexed the last independent Unnlinne elf city at the 731 b.a.H, which was the end of the Unnlinne civilization, and the great Flairie Elf kingdoms.

The Unnlinne were conquered, defeated, and their cities replaced by High elf ones, and the Dark Elf population was subjugated.

However, the inland Flairie tribes, who had resisted before the Unnline, resisted now against the High Elf advance. The High elves finally conquered the tribal Flairie lands at the 89 before the Apparition of Humanity, but at the 21 b.a.H they will face the great Flairie rebellion -the War of the Seven Captains-, which as soon ended began a second one the 13 b.a.H, and once that was crushed, a third and final great rebellion began at the year 7 After the Apparition of Humanity.

These rebellions were defeated, and the High elves were sure of their hegemony in southern Aels. However, the arrival of humanity began the called Age of Invasions, and successive migrations of orcs, kanovs and later humans, will mean the fall of the High Elf dominion of Southern Aels, but as well, of most of the Flaerie elf territories, where they were conquered by the new invaders, and became a subjugated population within human and Kanov lands, to be assimilated or condemned to disappear.

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