Freim the Nutk (unknown - unknown) was a Nutk Captain of the Dark Legion of Demons, servant of Anutkahook during the rise of Anutkia and the early stages of the Second War of the Power.  

A Nutk, (See Nutks) of demonic blood, he was chosen by the Blood Tax to become a servant of Anutkahook.


More detailed description to eventually follow.

A Nukt of demonic blood that shows mostly in his lower arms and hands not being human.

Note: Anachronism: He was born after the War of Four Black Kings and is a follower of Anutkahook.(all the characters and realms he have encountered, such as Roothar, locate him instead around the beginning or early Second War of the Power, rather than after its end, some century and half later!!)

He is intelligent but not as fit as he could be.


Started off as a servant but was transferred to military at a young age.

He worked his way up with his brains sidestepping a number of issues that would plague the Dark Legion as his lord and master readied them for the Third War of Power.

He got to the rank of Captain and then purchased a number of slaves traveling with them.

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